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So as most of you know, the Parkland school shooting has been the hottest topic as of late. Because of this, the cries for strict gun control have been deafening. The people shouting for a ban on guns do not know their history. All you have to do is go back and research all the countries that took guns away from the citizenry. Millions of people died after losing their right to have a means of self-defense under the rule of Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao, and Stalin.

But wait? I thought the point of disarming citizens was to keep us safe. Millions of people being massacred and oppressed doesn't seem like safety to me. But for some reason we are seeing clueless people "marching for lives". The truth is they are marching into a slaughterhouse and don't realize it.

They seem to be leaning on the argument that one bad apple spoils the bunch and for that reason, everyone else should give up their liberties for the government's protection. What they also need to realize is that they are being played by the very government that they are begging to take everyone's means of protection.

YEAH, now I have to draw the line!

What these ignorant fools don't understand is that after all the guns have been stripped from the citizens we aren't all going to be singing "We Are The World" and joining hands. Once the government has taken your guns you won't be "marching for your lives", you'll be RUNNING FOR YOUR LIVES! So how's that freedom for security argument working for you? YEAHHH, that's what I thought.

For these simple-minded fools to think that this current government can be trusted with the monopoly on weapons is naive and your children won't be kept safe. Remember, this is the same government that is filled with pedophiles.

Why is this so hard to understand???

Now for those who want to say that "guns kill", well, yeah, that's the point. It's either you neutralize them or they neutralize you. On top of that, a gun cannot sprout arms and pull its own trigger. That all depends on who is holding the gun and who is pulling the trigger. The gun itself is a tool, just like a hammer or screwdriver (which for the record can be used to kill as well). How long before we have a march on the banning of hammers and screwdrivers? (Don't laugh! At this point, this may not be far off in the future if we keep going at this rate)

To switch gears, remember a little event called 9/11? Remember what got signed into law afterwards? That's right. The Patriot Act! The excuse was that everyone in America had to give up liberty for security due to 9/11.


If the alleged terror attack was a foreign threat, why the hell were the citizens the ones that had to sacrifice their liberty. That's like saying someone punched you in the face, but you are the one that is in trouble. It's insanity!

However, looking at this from another direction, is it possible that your own government planned this as a way to make you fearful and beg for the government's help? Hence, the Patriot Act. But I digress.

If you refuse to see this, well then you deserve to lose your freedom AND your security.

Here's something else that's even more laughable: Most gun control advocates fall on the left side of the political spectrum. Why did I bring that up? Well allow me to follow up with another question. Who is the president currently? That's right, Herr Trump! You know, the president they have been trying to get impeached ever since he was elected. But now you want to run to him to answer your demands for strict gun control?? You sound idiotic!

There is a quote that I would like to close with:

"Hell is a place with no reason". These useful idiots are dragging us to hell at breakneck speed.


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