My Steemit Goal: 100 Posts in a Month

in steemit •  2 years ago

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Searching for how to make it on steemit, I've realized it's all about branding. We need to build our name. To build our name we need to be putting out content.

So my goal now is to write at least 3 posts a day to make about 100 for the next month to get my name out there.

Thanks @bullishmoney for inspiration. Thanks @crushthestreet for giving me a writing platform in the past and showing me how quickly a steemit username can grow just by putting out regular content.

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Upvoted and followed, thanks for the inspiration! I hadn't actually set a goal of posts per day, but I think I've been averaging a couple a day. A new metric to keep track of! :)


Thank you so much. Always with such an innovative platform it's hard to determine in our own minds what time dedication, risk/reward is worth putting X amount of effort into this :)

Had similar thoughts regarding this.
Small additional tip: What I've read in a previous post, it's not only about posting lots of articles but also about commenting on other posts and replying to all of them (especially under your own post). So basically it’s just about being very active on this site.
Regarding commenting: If you’re commenting users will be able to get to know you and basically know about your existence


Oh yes I will be reading and leaving meaningful comments like yours on here, thank you sharing-thoughts.

Great points - upvoted


well said

Very nice images, I likes
I love to join steemit and to help earh other
#vote and follow you
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i didn't use images

Good luck! I'm having trouble keeping up with commenting and replying with only one article per day =/ However, I think mine are too long. This was a good length for the average reader.


Good to know to compare. I do hardly any articles, just posted one on my writer's block. I think if I can stay seated I won't leave this desk until I have another few articles banged up, I'm getting motivated all of a sudden :)