Does anybody need a website anymore or are all these apps and services a pack of lies?

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I wonder... I went through all the trouble and work of creating my own little slice of web heaven as Mike Dynamo and can't help but feeling like all I did was create a cute place to collect a bevy of links. Everything these days is completely connected to social media or some other service that does the work of connecting people, sharing work, or getting paid for you. 

Looking for my writings? Check Steemit or Medium or even Patreon. 

Want to hear my music? Go to Soundcloud or Bandcamp or even Spotify or iTunes or Tidal.

Looking to for pictures or contact me? Try Twitter or Instagram or Twitch

Looking to send me money cause you're awesome? Patreon again or Paypal.

What more is my website than a hub to find all this stuff that no one will actually use opting instead to use the search function their own native platform. 

Go Directly To Website. Do Not Pass Facebook. Do Not Give Away Your Attention For Free

Having a website sure feels like an accomplishment, but it's ultimately the last place most people would search for info. I remember reading an article recently that urged readers to use their facebook feed as little as possible, and actually spend time on the websites you frequented. This would turn out to be healthier for the online space in the long term, because you could see their adds as well as other content that might interest you. In other words, we're at such a pitiful state of social media addiction as a society that we have to be convinced to actually go to actual sites and blogs whose work we enjoy. 

As an independent content creator, that's some pretty terrible news. It means that you get down or lay down. If you aren't winning with your social media game then it's likely that most people will just plain not get around to ever seeing anything you made. And if people can't see what you made, then there's little reason to think they'll see to it you get paid. 

So, Who Needs A Website?

I wish I had a more concrete answer. Obviously, it's potentially beneficial to have your hands in as many cookie jars as possible when determining a potential strategy for exposure and digital greatness. However, the myriad of platforms out there all have different methods and levels of usefulness. Instagram sucks for texts, while twitter isn't exactly the home for pictures. Meanwhile, only your grandmother is still on Facebook. It largely depends on who you are and what you do, but having a website at least allows you to tailor your experience. Sure nobody might go there, but on the off chance someone does, at least it'll be pretty for them when they get there. How you get them to your website? Well... that's anybody's guess. 

At the end of the day, I believe the best thing is to use the social media that makes the most sense for your brand, being an active participant within it (hi Steemit!) and create a website that exists and directs people to your other stuff. If they never find it. That's fine, but at least you'll be you on right side of history whenever social media becomes obselete

... hopefully

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