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What made you smile today?

Last night I made a post about the market and the bots trading there. Here

I do hope I didn’t upset or offend anyone, my post was purely observational of something I found amusing – virtual bot-battles on the steem trading market.

Anyway… This morning, I’m delighted to find I’ve made a little profit from playing with this crypto-currency and I’ve Powered Up on a small chunk!

I’m a little closer to my next target of $15,000 Steem Power!

What does this mean to/for me?

Well, my plan for world domination is a little closer than it was, that’s for sure!

Did I type that out loud?...

Seriously though… lately I’ve voted on some smaller accounts and found I actually make a difference with my one vote! It’s the tiniest details that make me smile… My vote can sometimes make the total jump up quite a step, other times it’s still a small fraction of a Steem Dollar.

I’m starting to make a difference in the total reward someone receives. Way back when I started posting here, that few cents delighted me – now I’m on the other side of that delight and it’s better than ever.

Hahaha! As I say, the little things that make me smile…

Thinking on this, I don’t remember many (if any) times on Steemit when I’ve been annoyed… well, at least since a post was flagged by a serial flagger back at the beginning.

Yeah, I think I like this community here… I think I’ll stay

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I'm not quite there yet but sometimes I watch my upvotes adding some cents to someone's post and I feel really good :)

Yeah, soppy as it may sound, this really is a 'feelgood' platform :)

I think i'll stay too :)

Excellent! :)

I think i need to set a target now as an incentive. Great post, thanks for sharing!

Thanks for commenting - and also thanks for coming to see what it was I was rambling on about. I'm glad you stuck around :)

Thank you. I really enjoy it, it's very addictive!

Wow that's quite the amount!! Congrats to you!! I missed the bot post, going to check it out now. I have an idea of what it will be about as i think I have witnessed similar!!

Check out the replies too - very informative :)

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