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Aloha! I'm officially in love with my friends on Steemit and have missed you all!

After all the weekend's springy fun, it's time to get back to writing all the things.

Here's what I'm up to:

  1. Work--as Michele the Trainer I see clients in person and remotely as personal trainer and lifecoach. This is my core business for many years. To bring in some new ideas, in 2018 I started a Coaching by Michele the Trainer Facebook page, and if you care to come on over and visit, here's the URL

Yep I am your very own health nut :)

  1. Nerd! Before I worked for myself as Michele the Trainer (MTT), I was (and of course still am) Michele the Engineer. I'm a telecommunications engineering project manager by first career. I still work engineering gigs with great people on occasion. http://mttconsultingsolutions.com/

  2. ART! Moons ago I had a stained glass studio. A couple years ago I stared art'ing again, and now I'm doing more with glass and painting. Here's one of my glass bowls from 2018 GlassArt_MicheleTheTrainer_Jan20182.jpg


  1. MUSIC. A couple years ago I stared learning ukulele and while I still love to sit on any beach and uke, I blew right past that to electric guitar. I'd like to do some imperfect recordings soon so if you have any requests, send them over :). I love rock, grunge, metal. For my overall music-y education I'm studying bossa nova and some standards and latin jazz. I am an international soul soooo I'd like to learn some songs in Italian, French, German, Portuguese (bossa nova has tons of that) and more in Spanish or even Hebrew so send me some ideas if you'd like :). If you don't send me ideas I'll be forced to learn 99 Luft Ballons :)
    FUN STUFF---Want unique vocals? I am setup to record vocals over a music track so if you play guitar or some instrument and want to collaborate, let me know.

  2. Writing. I'm self published on Amazon since awhile before it was all the rage. I have big projects and small projects but for me the rewards come with daily writing, whether it be writing a letter, a list of ideas or blogging. I write 10 ideas a day and have been doing it for years, originally inspired by James Altucher's book Choose Yourself. I participate in some idea writing groups and if that interests you, just let me know. I often merge ideas with client questions and will answer a question via blog or idea list or both. https://byrslf.co/how-writing-10-ideas-a-day-improved-my-life-6e10954e817a

  3. Gardening. Gardening is really on the backburner, but it rolls along. I have some small wild gardening spaces that I recently tried to add Sage, Basil (2 types), Cilantro, Tomatoes (4-5 types), Bell Peppers, Hot Peppers and Sugar Peas to. I have a lot of wild animals that I enjoying seeing stop by, so historically my best gardens are things that they don't like to eat such as Arugula, Chard, Thai Chilies, Sorrel and all the herbs (Lemon Verbena, Mint, Oregano, Zatar, Lemongrass, ) and I have a lot of Lavender and Rosemary for scent and for the bees. I love bees!

  4. Self-care! Yep, my own self-care. I must practice what I preach so I do journal my food and workout http://www.engineeringwellness.com/9-reasons-why-you-must-keep-a-food-journal-or-oh-please-not-the-food-journaling-thing-again/
    and I endeavor to change up my workout here and there.
    I live in Los Angeles so I try to walk or hike somewhere interesting here whenever possible too. You can see some photos of that on my Instagram https://www.instagram.com/michelethetrainer/
    I got some spiffy new Bose headphones, which are all that and super comfy, but they fall off my head on the weight bench, so I'm still working on a headphone upgrade.
    I listen to music during my workout. On the weight floor I listen to new music (songs I'm trying to learn) and during cardio generally music I know or rarely I watch a show via Amazon (this week I'll watch The Walking Dead's new episode!!!). I'm training for agility when I'm 120 years old. :)

  5. FOOOD. Food is a big deal when it comes to self-care, and when you're running all over the city, it requires some thought.
    I teach food planning and I food plan for myself weekly. Planning includes shopping and prepping (and schlepping lol). This week I have artichokes I gotta make and I must make a new veggie soup. Last week I made a veggie soup with purple carrots and curry that's honestly a bit too hot for me.

  6. Ocean passion. SCUBA diving is my longest held passion (likely longer than you've been alive! ha!) and with that comes a DEEP love for the ocean. Any questions, thoughts, destinations, art ideas, music ideas related to the ocean, I am all soggy ears to hear them!

  7. Tech Gadget-y Crap:
    Phone-My phone Note 3 was broken for MONTHS (screen) and it was impossible to get a new phone or parts to repair (I tried via ebay twice), so I moved to the Note 5 recently (I wanted the same size and I wanted to avoid the NEWEST option). I know it's not the newest, but after scrubbing through all the ratings, it's new enough to be easier to repair which is the functional choice for nerdy me. There is a Note that is said to be "shatter resistant" but that's just some marketing malarky (the screen can still break).
    Recording Software-Like most of us I taught myself enough audio editing to podcast. With music I need more, soooo...
    While I know and understand MAC I'm a PC girl and I'm diving into Cubase (PC based) for recording software, though I'm curious about Avid's Pro Tools. I got some headphones specifically for the monitor (Audiotechnica) I'll try them out soon, and I upgraded my mic and mixer to be at least 2 channels worth of dangerous.

Steemy thoughts: Admittedly I love knowing the blockchain tech, but really the CREAM OF STEEM is the people that come to Steemit and I personally love that all ya'll understand my POLYMATH-ness.

Hoppy Spring to All!

Visit Michele the Trainer online at http://www.EngineeringWellness.com or http://www.MicheleTheTrainer.com
Thanks Steemians!

Images from Pixabay & GIFs from GIPHY

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I am glad to meet you again, my friend and your spring list of things is impressive and it's great! Thank you @micheletrainer

Good to have to you back! You are Steem Cream! Love that expression!

Very good read a post from you again :). Regards


always good to see you my @dim753 friend


Thanks a lot for :). Regards

interesting post once again thanks for sharing your knowledge :)

So nice to see you again dear after a very long time happy spring :D


Aloha @blazing how are you? Hoppy Spring

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this is awesome and good
i agree with all you said but disagree with this part of food

Food is a big deal when it comes to self-care, and when you're running all over the city, it requires some thought.

though all is about yourself but serious i don't give food all attention it requires in my life
thanks for sharing with us thanks @micheletrainer