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RE: Sneaky Ninja Strikes Back!! - How Ninja is Combating Bot Abuse! - Special Announcement!

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I have just sent a completed list from @steemcleaners of 26,539 Abusive users to be added to the blacklist!!

This is only real bad ones like, spammers, plagiarists, identity thieves, etc.

Still more to come like ones that are copy pasta or just plain shitty posters lol.


Hi, I'm TrufflePig, a bot based on Machine Learning to help minnows and reward overlooked content.

Could I also get my hands on your blacklist? Excluding malicious payouts from my training data would improve my chances to find quality content. Thank you!

By the way, if you are interested about my inner workings, you can find an explanation here.

Definitely! Please contact @michaeldavid on Discord aka "The Docta" and I'll be happy to help you out :)

Thanks! I'll do :-)

Can't imagine the time and effort it took to blacklist 26,539 accounts, hats off man!

That work is all do to @patrice and her team at @steemcleaners. They/she has done an amazing job. There are still more to come :)

Please send me that same list to chronocrypto on discord.

That is such a huge percentage of the accounts on here!! So crazy!!

That is only the indisputable abusers, not the copy pasta or just plain crappy posts lol :)

even more crazy!!