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RE: Spam comments?!

in #steemit3 years ago

Well said! If I posted something that had a lot of beautiful pictures that not just talked about our time at the beach etc... But talked about the wonderful time I had with my wife and baby, I would love it if people posted stuff about what I wrote, vs just what they saw to let me know they actually read the post! Either way, there have been times I've commented on a post about a particular phone because of my drawn interest in the photo itself, even though my comment had nothing to do with the message of the post. I did however actually read the post in those cases, so to each his own.


that's true! i do that sometimes too. of course, it's important for everyone to fully read each others posts.
most times, when i finish reading someone's post but have no comment, i will not try to force a comment.

Same here! I think you nailed it though.. People shouldn't try to force comments.