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To the fellow Steemit community,

I have done countless hours of research on trying to figure out a new way for our community to interact and benefit eachother. This is what I found...

Steemit Forums

Integrated similar to the Steemit chat function on the actual website, Steemit Forums, is a multi-modal functioning instagram page that incorporates you as the guide. As I am sure many of you know, there are many facebook groups that promote Steemit and attempt to create a platform that will benefit each and every person that follows. With the emerging popularity of our Steemit community, I have created an instagram page that has gained over 100 followers in a day, as well as, 10% of the new followers have joined Steemit.

Studies have shown that engagement with businesses on Instagram is 10 times higher than Facebook. And the average engagement per post has grown by 416 percent, compared to two years ago. For instance, a particular post from Adidas was put on both its Facebook and Instagram account. Adidas’ Facebook account has 24 million likes while its Instagram account has 9.7 million followers.

Now, imagine the facebook pages that are targeting people who are already in Steem. You will see some pages with as many as 15,000 followers. Now, take those 15,000 followers and incorporate them into Instagram where the marketplace extends beyond the existing community.

My goal here is to create a better community for everyone. There is no benefit to me for taking this initiative. I, myself, am a "minnow" in this community with the understanding that "sharks" run this platform. With your help we can build a foundation that extends well beyond the social norms of Steemit. One where the existing community meets the new community. To the sharks, You never know when you will find the next big thing...

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