Why should i keep on steeming ? Does it really worth it ?

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Hello good evening fellow steemians , since it's already late here in the philippines and im still wont be able to sleep my mind is in rapid now , so here i am writing on something that's comes in my mind ..

Since i'm a pure housewife i have a lot of time to surf the internet i'm killing my time on social medias after i've finish all my duties as a mom. I do really enjoy it selfies some gossip on my favorite actresses like most typical filipina and moms do. And then one of my friends @mommabutterfly introduce me here on steemit , she keeps on telling me about a lot of good things that i will be able to get if i joined this said platform , and because of her encouraging words here i am trying to figure out what really it is. What could i say ? Well im totally lost !! FB_IMG_1518327063047.jpg

Yes i'm totally lost i dont really know what to do , should i stay ? Why steemit is not that easy like facebook ?

Like instagram ?

Is it only for intelligent people ? To someone who have a high education ?

Or to someone that have a good face and body ?

Or to someone that have a money Who can afford to be a whale instantly ? ( ooppsss sorry about this you can correct me if im wrong im only expressing what i thought )

Why am i here if it is not as easy as i think ?

Why ? Because i believe in steemit! i believe that it can help me to grow to become a better person! And in this kind of social media you woudnt get bashed for expressing who you really are.

and i also need all the benefits it can give to me like earning while im expressing my thoughts and opinions.

Being paid for sharing photos and blogs? for sharing the news of my country , for sharing the goodness and troubles in my life. Great isnt it?

Can facebook to that can i have a $ingle dollar for a like? Can instagram paid me for my memes? NO.. but steemit can. So that's why i am here i will continue to learn even if it is hard at first simply because all my efforts and hardworks would be paid off.


So i would not stop. I will continue to learn i will give my best so i could say that i deserve what ever steemit would give to me. Thank you steemit.

Thank you to @bobiecayao for mentoring me. He is one of the good leaders in #steemunity and one of the supporters of #thaisteemgroup in Thailand.

Special thanks to @purepinay for the inspiring post about @steemgigs and please follow and support her as well.

Please, do the community a favor and support @steemgigs, Terry who blogs using @surpassinggoogle, as a witness.

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Very nice post
Don't even think about leaving Steemit!


Really ? Thank you very much for appreciating my works will follow you and drop by with your works too. Again thank you

Well, i am also here to stay.
Steemit is the best community so far.
And you are pretty too😘


Thank you , me too i am here to stay , and i will express more of my thoughts and feeling ..

Nunca rendirse, no es fácil, pero definitivamente vale la pena quedarse, como tú dices nos hace mejores personas, saca el lado artístico de cada uno, acá nunca vez comentarios tristes, siempre todo el mundo se apoya así los sbd no se vean crecer. Ánimo nenita.


I dont understand but i would say thank you for dropping by with my work , and your very pretty :)


Ha ha, the translation: Never give up, it's not easy, but it's definitely worth staying, as you do, there are no better friends, take the artistic side of each, never before the sad comments, always everyone is supported so the other sbd can not be seen growing up. Cheer up baby.


Thank you again i woudnt mind the negative comments theres so many good comments to focus on to ..

Because it’s a new community. Staying involved now could mean a lot down the road! Keep up the steem, blog about your dreams and put your voice into the community and you will be rewarded.


I surely will , thank you for the encouraging words .. lets keep on steeming ..

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Really? Over half of the images belong to someone else.


Ohhhh sorry i forgot to include that some of the pictures was not mine maybe i should delete the originalworks



I posted the same article same as yours but hang on in there my friend we will get there in the perfect time. Just keep doing it


I guess all of us beginners have the same drama :)


I guess, but oh well. Keep going and pushing no matter what.

Go ahead and put passion into what you do.
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Wow that was great thank you so much for your help specially to the new beginners like me .. again thank you

Even if its hard at first dont ever stop., its all worth the hardships lets keep on steeming.


Definitely my dear , lets rock on steemit together :)

There is also https://steepshot.io/ if you are already familiar with Instagram that you should try :)

I agree that we should keep using Steemit and help others to do so as well because of the value of the community that it creates for everyone involved.


Yes we should keep on steeming and share its benefits to others

Go ahead dig deep share your gigantic thoughts to da world


Yes im excited to do that .. help me with my journey

gende nemen nyen


Hi sir vj thank you :)

welcome to the desert of the real. #thematrix


Wow thank you so much i will follow and check your works