Why don't Youtubers use their Power right, make their followers sign up and have them up their Steem Power?

in steemit •  10 months ago

Sorry to hear that another Youtuber @highimpactflix got his Youtube account terminated. He has had a Steemit account forever, from the start. But he did not choose to push it hard from the start and try to get his followers to sign up on steemit.com. 512,000 subscribers... lost...

He could have mentioned steemit.com and d.tube right at the beginning in every video and said that if someone wanted to donate money to him, they should buy some Steem Power so that their thumbs up is worth something. Or at least give a thumbs up with the delegated steemit steems, which I think are good for a cent as well... 10,000 likes that way would be worth a 100 USD for each video. Right now this would mean 200 USD... If he got 30,000 likes that way even better (600 USD/video)!

So now he cannot give a shout out to anyone anymore... he has been silenced and lost a great income opportunity.

But even Youtubers like @furiouspete123 do not use their influence effectively... he at least does not have sensitive content and therefor has not to fear being terminated. But he could have massive income if everybody of his followers just signed up and give him a 0,01 cent vote... times a 100,000? A 1000 USD for each video, or 2000 real USD...

Why don't Youtubers push steemit.com hard?? I do not get it...

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ya i agree with you, but i think most of the youtuber not aware about the stemit.


He was... but he chose not to push it... he signed up in summer 2016... so 2 years he should have been motivating his followers to sign up on Steemit and give him likes here...


oh great, successful idea.


It is really a pity that he and many others do not make good use of the possibilities this platform has... Steem would have a 100 million users by now...

slowly they will realise what they are missing :)