Four Steemit Specific Reasons to Use Pinterest

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Hi Steemit,

Pinterest, which was valued at $11 Billion in January of 2018, is like google with pictures. It is a little bit social media, and a lot of finding information. On pinterest you can build boards which are collections with really nice pictures. I like to collect crochet patterns, book binding techniques, blog posts I like, and my writing. Here are four steemit specific reasons to use the site.

Number One: Create a Table of Contents for Your Articles

While its important to remember that this table of contents will only be around as long as pinterest is around, its still a great tool to collect your articles. I created a board for each of the topics I write about. I have a board named Metzli on Steemit where I link all my posts. From there I re-pin them to boards such as Needlework Monday and 50 Word Stories.

Our work is automatically stored on the blockchain, but have you ever tried to get to one of your earlier posts when the system is working slow? Imagine what that will be like when you've posted 100 articles. Your work can get lost in the blockchain if you don't remember where to find it. A pinterest board with your work uploaded will give you a nice Table of Contents.

Number Two: Find An Audience Above Steemit

Many of my readers on Steemit read my work because I'm on Steemit, and my writing is what's available. But I have other readers too. Readers who I gathered while writing my Daily Intuitive Letters, readers who liked my Etsy wares and moved on to like my words, readers who like finding me on facebook. Writing a newsletter works, but when you're already writing daily, newsletters can be hard to tend to. Pinterest Accounts, on the other hand, can be updated every once in a while and still leave a trail for my readers. My empty shops and blogs all say: Find me on Pinterest.

Whoever lands on my Pinterest page, knows where to find me. You have readers on Steemit who will read your work no matter where you post it - make it easy for them to find you.

Number Three: Help Steemit Build

Our blockchain is awesome and is not being used to its potential. Also, the more STEEM holders there are, the more our STEEM is worth. One way to help the blockchain grow is to bring it an audience. As of January 2018, the number of pinterest users was 100 million. It would be really nice is some of them came to join us. How can we get their attention? By putting our work out there.

Number Four: Help Your Fellow Writers Build An Audience

We have some really cool writers, crafters, and makers on Steemit. And we have a small audience, as the active users on Steemit are less than 100,000. When your SP is low and you "can't" vote, or when there is no comment you can make that will add to the conversation of the post, help your writers out by sharing their work. It helps you, it helps them, and it shows that you are supporting.

There are four reasons. Do you have any other ones? Are you already on Pinterest? Please tell me in the comments.

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i love this idea. it doesn't take that much time to pin stuff and can drive people towards steemit! 😍


Every reader counts 💚💚