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Hi, Steemheads!


I don't usually ask favors of resteeming my posts or anything but please give this post a boost via resteems so more planktons will be aware that they can now get support from the PLANKTON token and Mermaidvampire.

For the past few days, we've been trying to tell everyone about the new Steem Engine Token PLANKTON. It is named Plankton because it aims to help boost the Plankton community. The project is headed by Mermaidvampire and her friends but basically it is a community backed initiative. There is nothing to lose but all to gain when you support this project. It is tailored for tiny red fishes to have the support they need to be able to thrive here in Steemit.

If you want to read our intro post from days back here it is: If you just started here in Steemit then make PLANKTON your first Steem Engine Token!

How is the token doing right now?


You can now actively trade PLKN in the Steem Engine Dex here:

The entire Plankton Economy is directed to helping the Planktons of Steemit. Mermaidvampire and everyone behind this project believe that giving hope to the small Planktons is giving hope to the entire Steemit platform as a whole. All earnings in the token sale of PLKN will be used to directly help the Planktons that is in any way helpful to the initiatives of Mermaidvampire.

The Plankton Token

The Plankton Token is dedicated to helping Planktons, to reward their proof of Steeming via the Mermaidvampire games. In return, the tokens can be traded and be sold in exchange of Steem in the Steem Engine Dex. Also, the token can be used to buy a month long support from the Mermaidvampire account. Only 5 PLKN tokens sent to Mermaidvampire and she will give you 5% upvotes 2x a day, free resteems and upvotes on your comments to make sure some of your dust votes are actually paid.

Who Can Get The Plankton Token?

The following criteria are in place for one to qualify to have the Plankton token, this is in place to avoid the PLKN token distribution to be raped:

  • the person must be a plankton or he/she must have less than 500 SP,
  • he/she must actively participate/engage in the games of Mermaidvampire
  • he/she must have a post that does not violate any Steemit posting standards,
  • he/she must not be blacklisted or followed by Cheetah, Steemcleaners and other Anti-Spam authorities,
  • he/she must have a post within the week as well as comments (in the last 7 days)

Planktons who participate in the Mermaidvampire games or contests will be distributed tokens at the end of the week. Tokens will be given starting today, March 23 and distributed every Saturday starting March 30.

How can you get the Plankton tokens?

Yes they are free but not really. Tokens are given to game participants in the games of Mermaidvampire. There is also another way to get them if you have been playing the games or a delegator of the Mermaidvampire account. You may write about your experience with the games or the profit sharing and earn some PLKN tokens as a bounty.

Another way of getting it free is by joining the Logo Making Contest for the Token here: CONTEST: Make the PLANKTON Token Logo

How much are the tokens and what does one get when he/she has them?

Currently, the token is trading in the Steem Engine Dex at 0.25-0.28 Steem per token. You can trade it there and get some Steem out of it.

When a plankton has earned 5 PLKN tokens, he/she can hodl or he/she can send it back to Mermaidvampire in exchange of a 5% upvote on posts 2x a day for a month plus resteems and random comment upvotes to make sure dustvotes on comments are paid.

Are Minnows and big fishes not allowed to get these PLKN Tokens?

Minnows and big fishes can help this initiative very much, just like how any token or coin needs investors. Anyone can buy the tokens to help the economy, they can buy and hodl. They can buy from the Steem Engine Dex or they can buy directly from me (to avoid the tx fees in the Dex.) The earnings will definitely help the project very much. If they hodl more than 100 PLKN they will get 1% PLKN tokens every month on the 30th. The top 10 hodlers of the token every week, starting next week March 30, will be benefeciaries of 2 selected posts of Mermaidvampire daily for the following week. Other holders of the coin that BOUGHT the coin will be given profit shares from the 10% weekly profit of the Mermaidvampire account.

Any minnow or big fish can buy 5 PLKN tokens and send it to Mermaidvampire to sponsor a Plankton, for that Plankton to get a month long support from the Mermaidvampire account.


The token is currently valued at 0.300 Steems in the Steem Engine Dex. We would like to give free tokens to a 100 Steemians. All you have to do is write a comment below and provide the needed information. We want you to comment a username of an active Steemit Plankton that you know (not yourself) and the country from which you are coming from. You and your friend will get 1 PLKN each at the date of the post payout (7 Days). Everyone is welcome to join the Airdrop. This has a Max Cap of 100 PLKN, therefore 50 commenters and 50 friends can be accommodated.

Love and Peace,

@mermaidvampire and the PLANKTON Token

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@mermaidvampire, Good wishes from my side and hope that PLANKTON Tokens will going to receive effective adoption. Keep up your efforts.

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Thank you, I really appreciate the support you and your bro are doing. Have a nice day, @chireerocks!

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Welcome and thank you so much.

Thank you for the reminder, all the time.

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@superday South Africa

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Hi there,

i will follow you. Looking forward to more Airdrops from you. If you are interested, you can follow me too. I try to post Bounty and Airdrop Campaigns every day.

Lets support each other!

Best regards

my friend is @godlovermel25 and country is Philippines

@mermaidvampire ..Good wishes from my side also. Of yours every initiative is a great steps for newbies and for red fishes to grow them self in Steemit. I personally have a great experience with your great initiatives and contests. When i started following you in Steemit that time I'm almost a zero red fish but now I'm growing to minnow and the secret behind is that your great contests and projects. For sure this project PLANKTON Token is also a more booster for red fishes. Keep up the good work. Stay blessed.

Thanks for sharing, upvoted you!

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[email protected], this is really a great help..thanks.

Ate Judy thanks for the mention and for updating me for the PLKN token of mam koi..

Steemit Plankton : @neihy05 from Philippines.

Active steemit Plankton: @olivia08
My Country: INDIA

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Thanks you.

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calling all good supporters here on steemit
please participate.. Thank you 😍

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Active Steem user: @guruvaj

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Friend: @wyndell19
Country: Philippines

Hi there @mermaidvampire,
I just want to call on the following:
@cinderz @snars @tazky @fycee @jurich60 @nesmeliy @olivia08 @meetmysuperego @sarimanok @afkoelen @ngockim @annelaurie @patchi02 @nfaith and a lot more to not missed out PLKN.
You no need to tip me.
Keep going👍

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sir Autumn salamat kaayo sa pagmention.. Gusto man nko mo support ani pero wala jud ko kasabot unsaon ay.. pareho ba ni sa partiko app na pwede i convert into steem token? maski pag delegate dili mn ko kabalo.. 😅 slow man kaayo ko about airdrop token man.. 😂

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Read first, then follow what's asked, you don't need to delegate at the moment, just get that PLKN token, then asked us later at the gc.

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  1. @luvlee - active steemit plankton
  2. Philippines - my country

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@deantonio Philippines
Please try to check this airdrops from @mermaidvampire

salamat te.. pero dili pa jud mag sink in sa ako unsaon ni.. 😂 mag mention ra ko hehe

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@iamwhatiamnot @fernwehninja .:) @olivia08

We are from Philippines.

Support our own kababayan
Thank you for tagging me joan

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