Will Ethereum price pass bitcoin in 5 years?

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 Bloomberg has already mentioned that Bitcoin needs to step aside for Ethereum. The latest digital token that is getting people hyped up and excited might just beat the popular Bitcoin in less than five years. This means that you might want to consider investing in this particular digital currency as it might just end up making you richer.

  It’s very likely that Ethereum will become the ledger standard for a large number of corporations and this makes it an excellent choice to look out for in the next few years. Just remember that the faster you jump on the bandwagon, the higher the rewards.  

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the main difference between ethereum and bitcoin is that the bitcoin has a limited quantity and ethereum can be created more and more ...yes they have promised that they will not inflate to much the currency ...yes ...so they have promised...

1 year*


Did not say that. LOL


Go ahead and just the title, you messed up, it should read:

Ethereum will pass bitcoin in 1 year.

See fixed :) lol



Dont trust this guy.



Let's see. Hmmm...

I Really doubt it big time.

Not going to Happen?

In 5 years? Should re-title it to 5 months.


I'm sorry whoops I was thinking market cap not price Whoops, maybe I need a nap.

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i do not think so..

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Nice post

I am mining both BTC & ETH on genesis! 8D

Or will Litecoin whoop both of their asses, hmmmm???
Probably not, but I think Bitcoin won't be number 1 for long.

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Before heading into market cap pass / no pass discussion you might want to consider whether those two coins are really in the same race. Bitcoin was created solely as digital currency, while Ethereum is technically anything but currency (yes, even though it's tradable).

So :

  1. Will ETH pass Bitcoin as digital currency in broad usage? Most probably not.
  2. Will ETH pass Bitcoins market cap "as platform"? Given it's corporate support, that is highly probable. Big companies simply have more buying power than common folk.

One day, ETH might have higher value than BTC but it doesn't mean it will be as useful or as widely adopted in daily usage as BTC.


Agreed. Bitcon is for us common folks.