New steemers can still earn!

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I hear a lot of people saying that only the people with rank 50+ are going to make anything and that unless you promote your articles you won't earn anything and so on and so forth...
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When you sign up it says "You'll be among the earliest members of the Steemit community!" that means your still early you can still make it! And the people with rank 50+ you see them as rank 50+ because if you earn 20 dollars your rank will automatically change up! This means you still can make it on steemit, of course as always not everybody makes it, but with a good post every few days you should have a good chance.

Maybe your thinking i made ten good posts and none of them made a single penny, well i would advise you to make a few comments maybe after you make a few dollars you could promote your post, but even if you do have to promote your article, that's not the end of the world, anyway if you earn a few bucks it feels pretty cool, a few things if your new, if you make a few comments and than it says your out of "resource credits" that's fine they replenish, you can check your resource credits here: anyway that site was very useful to me because i was making a lot of comments and it kept saying that and i wanted to check mine. Another thing is "steem power" steem power or just SP is how much influence you have when voting you come with 15 of them, but you can earn more when you earn posting rewards you normally have payout options set to 50/50 which means that you get your reward half in steem power and half in steem and steem dollars! You can change this in the settings in the right hand corner of the screen! You can change it to 100% steem power, or you can change it to decline payout.

Anyway hope you found this useful and thanks for reading!



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Maybe taæk about what you sign up for? Otherwise this makes no sense

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