The 5 Stages Of Vote-Buying Downvote Grief

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Vote buying. It's like giving cocaine to monkeys. It might be cool for a while but ultimately you end up with no cocaine and a bunch of dead monkeys.

But despite this, it seems that some people can't get enough of it. Some of them pretend that they have never heard of Hardfork 22 and the free downvotes and why it was seen as necessary.

When they receive a downvote for buying votes they get upset. They rage and sob and tug in disgust at their own penisy parts.

Often they think it's a conspiracy. A gang of power hungry steem OGs rampaging through the platform punishing the little guys.

They cry censorship and send angry wallet memos saying that the downvoters are SCUM-BAGs who will get their just desserts.

No one reads those memos.

In truth these poor downvote recipients get very emotional and it can be a hard time for them.

Which is why I have written this post. In it, I will discuss the 5 Stages of grieving Vote-Buying Downvote Grief.

My hope is that those plucky young fellows staring out at the deep cold waters way below the bridge might take a step back. Take some solace from the stages described below and realise that is ok to feel this way.

You hear that guys?

It's OK to feel this way.

Don't worry. We're here for you.


Hey why you downvote me, I did nothing wrong!!!

I only produce original content, why would anyone downvote me!?

If bidbots exist I don't understand why it's not ok to use them!?

Your brain will, at this point, have gotten confused between your back snarler and your mouth. Hence the nonsense spouted in defense of why you buy votes.

Let me help, all that brown mouth tobogganing must taste really bad.

So... to give you a hint.

You don't do it to get exposure.

You don't do it to promote your posts.

You do it to make a profit.

To essentially purchase cheap steem and in doing so undermine every other user who doesn't buy votes.

There. Doesn't it feel better just to be honest?

Can we move on now?


Inevitably, you will feel angry. You will feel wronged and this will bubble out of you in a spume of rage at your downvoters

You suck!! Your content is shit. You are a SCUM-BAG. It's a lefty conspiracy. Blah blah NSA.

Some people say that you shouldn't get angry.

I, on the other hand think that it's fine. Do something with your anger though. Don't just sit at a computer screen with an oddly flaccid penis.

Get out there, shit in a cup of hot water and pass it to a beggar telling them it's a mochaccino.

But don't tap furiously away at your keyboard trying to threaten people with your limited vocabulary.

It's sad.


Why aren't you going after the big guys, the whales?

What about @himjiminy and his voting circles, attack them not me!?

If you don't leave me alone you will be sorry!!

There's always someone else to blame eh?

My advice here will be succinct but useful.

Go to a mirror. Look at it.

See the dick looking back. That's the person who has been buying votes.

He/she is a dick.

Don't be that dick.


I may as well just quit. There is nothing here for me and my amazing content.

You can't make it here without licking whale balls or buying votes. I'm powering down and leaving.

Ah yes. Quitting because cheating didn't work.

I have the solution to that too!

Try not to take shortcuts and actually make a fucking effort. If your content isn't shit you might even be surprised by the results!


Ok, I will stop using them. I will try doing it right.


Well done, you have accepted your wrongs and are on the path to becoming a true credit to Steem.

Oh, wait, what's that you are doing? Buying votes via an alt??


Back to the start again.


Oh, wait, what's that you are doing? Buying votes via an alt??
Back to the start again.

Lol, pretty much this if they manage to get so far. But unless it's their first time, usually they give up at denial.

And, the former account will be respamming trash.

HAha, you have seen it in action I can tell! They do most often give up at denial but I do get amused when their former account starts resteeming all their new accounts posts, Lol!

And don't forget, it was 'hacked', but they are uninterested in recovery unless it can be forgiven without running the steemcleaners gauntlet of transparency and disclosure.

Oh thats right, my account was hacked, oh woe is me!! I've lost everything but not , lol!

Now with cross-posting capabilities 👍🏽

Haha. Only a few abusers are bold enough to use this feature for outright abuse. But most gve it a try or two. It's definitely on their check list of things to be told not to use.

I never understood it. To me, I could never do it. It really seemed to be like paying someone to be your friend, just yucky.

There are a surprising amount that will try to get away with it. Some of them more will known people trying it on 6 day old posts to sneak under the radar. Gits

Now I want to create an account for @himjiminy.

Lol. I did think about it!!

PFFFFFfffffffFffttttt XD

Wait people are still doing that lame crap? o_O Pfft.

Oh yes indeed!! On the surface it looks like we are free but some bots remain and others who have lain low safe crawling out of the woodwork again!!

@meesterboom, In my opinion everyone bears their own Deeds. It's really important to hold a viewpoint which is balanced in nature and which gives equal opportunity to everyone to express themselves but unfortunately world is also filled with those people who really like to dominate others. We don't have to bend, but we don't have to become like them. When we do right thing continuously wrong things will become tired and possibly it will change. Stay blessed.

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I am quite on board with this philosophy mate! We can only keep trying!!


Yes. Have a pleasant time ahead.

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...and who owned most of the big bidbots? cough top 20 witnesses cough cough


Indeed! A whole other tale!!

What about that other stage...Retaliatory downvoting. Surely that deserves a mention?

By the way, I've been following @himjiminy for years. One of the greatest steemians ever. Lol.

Oh man, how could I forget that! That deserves a post all on its ownsome!


Happy to help the Boom where I can. I look forward to the post... 😂

Thanks for the ENGAGE.

Someone's gotta keep me right! Lol :0D

I could be your secretary. Hope the pay is good...I look terrible in high heels and a tight skirt though. Just getting that out there early.

Dammit, that's a deal-breaker!!

Looks like my hunt goes on 🤣🤣🤣

Haha...I make a good coffee though...

Nah fuck it. I'd make a shit secretary...What about side-kick?

Haha, side kick is much better, in fact just a duo. Defining coffee and fighting crime!!!

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Just the right amount of sarcasm and humor that we’ve come to expect!

I think I might have gone too serious thankfully at least you could see the sarcasm!!! Cheers old dawg!!

Ohhh! I have been missing you! I couldn't for the life of me post anything! My post key wouldn't light up. Wah!!! Steemconnect hated me and wouldn't acknowledge my existence. Busy booted me.

Why the hate, man? Why??? I might as well have been a vote buyer. Or tried to hang onto the holy trinity robes. OMG... Who rattled your cage tonight?


Well, it took me 6 hours, but, I finally got it to post for me, for God's sake. I promised it I would buy it a vote or three.

Upped and Steemed

!tip .20

Lol. There is nothing quite like the horror you feel when your keys don't seem to work!

You should have seen my post before I want back and tried to make it funny :0D

I didn't even know you could buy votes... but I've been on Steem only less than a year.

Thankfully, it's not such as big thing now that we took steps to counter it but the fight is a never ending battle!

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