How to improve the quality of your content.

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Hello Steemians.

Hope You all are well. well... today im going talk about steemit.


We all work at Steemit. Everybody hopes to earn a good amount from Steemit. Many people do not know how to get a better income from steemit. To earn a good amount of money from the steemit, we first have to look at a few things. We will discuss these issues today. If you want to get ideas about how to post a good quality content, you can see the following post on my blog.

Quality post

The technique to create good quality content

Content subject matter

The first thing to look at is the subject matter of content. It should be remembered that only a good quality content can give good results. Choose a good topic, that you are capable of.

Attractive title


Select a title for your content so that the reader is attracted to reading your post.

Content Body


Try to keep something like that at the beginning of the writing so that the reader is fascinated to read your writing. Add some points so that the reader's good feelings about your writing are made.


dharabahimk 2.JPG

In order to make your writing easier for the reader, it is necessary to maintain consistency. Continuity will help you to keep your writing alive. And will delight the reader. Add new dimensions to your writing.

Photos And Images

Add some images that correspond to your writing, which will make the reader happy as well as reading your text. Try to keep your photo compatibility with writing. Try to avoid Copy Right in the selection of pictures. In that case you can collect photos from or

Is it okay to use random pictures from the internet?


Font style


  1. You can change the font style of your writing to make your blog's text more interesting.

  2. You can try to capture the readers' attention by focusing on important places on your blog.

Type of writing

You can organize your writing in paragraph form to create a beautiful and interesting content.

Content Decoration

social links.JPG
At the end of your writing, some gifs can be used as social links or steemit account links.You can also add beautiful pictures that conform to your writing.


Now come the most important thing. Many of us are concerned about tag selection. Nobody understands the tag well. The tag is one thing that will help you reach your readers. Depending on your content, select the right and good tags.

This was our talk about steemit like today. If you want to add more points, you can share it with me in the comment box below.

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Not everyone can get Steemit posts with great content. But even less there are people who can teach how to create good content, and you were one of them, congratulations! :D

thankyou brother.
stay with us.. we are going to make a bigger community to improve steemit skills.

Great post for minnows! Congratulations! Your post has been chosen by the ESteem Network as our 1st place Weekly Content Reward Winner!

Look our for your SBD reward soon! And be sure to keep posting on the Discord to qualify future content for rewards!

Without good contents, making a good earning amount is so tough. Your content can be help us to do something good in @steemit.

Informasi yang bermanfaat, perlu untuk segera diterapkan.
Terimakasih, sudah mau berbagi

i didnt understand you. can you explain me in english

I think, these steps should be followed for better content creating.

if somebody follow this instruction. they can make some good post.

besides this instruction you must need to concentrate your mind. what you want to know.

I'm working to have a better quality and these are good tips, thank you I will try to improve my blogs

You can follow my tips , and you will success for sure

Without good contents, making a good earning amount is so tough. Thank you for sharing, it can be help us to do something good in @steemit.

owao. a complete guideline about creating quality content with photos.

Your tips is very usefull.. thanks for ur guideline bro..

Helpful post.Thanks bro for this valuable post.

its too large but helpful

Yes, good tips, it takes time to write a quality content...

i also take 1 hour or more to make a post.
thanks stay with me.

I see, your post has a good quality :-)

thanks you very moutch..for suggest this

Looking forward for more.... specially how to make that beautiful logo... So that by clicking directly can go to given link.....

nice post,,,from your post i know how can i submit a good post on steemit. your tips are so useful for me.thanks a lot

That's great and helpful!

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