Things that entertained me #1

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Dear Steemians,

I have been away for a while, superbusy with my main job.

I was thinking of making a thread about the things that entertain me and share them with you.

They will be nice mobile games that kill my time with kindness, best quora questions I read, nice movies or music I heard.

Feel free to share yours also, after all it is all about communicating!

I really like 2d mobile games. I was never a true gamer, but I always like some smart fancy 2d game in my mobile for my "toilet time" :P
My newest discovery is "Love Balls"


It's fun, smart and I really like it! You have to draw a line in order to make these two balls get together in order to win!
Check it out if you fond of these games!

#2 - A new favorite song

the juice.jpg
Janelle Monae ft Pharell Williams - I got the Juice.
It is a banger, it flows, you can dance on it, I like it!
Check it out!

#3 Most insteresting Quora answer I read this week.

quora logo.png

Quora, for the ones that don't know, is a community where you ask things and smart people from around the world tend to help you and solve your questions.

A great answer I read was for the question
"How can I become emotionally and mentally strong?"
The answer is at the link below, I loved it.

Have a great week boys and girls, share the things that entertained you if you feel like.


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