An illusion to own things!

Do you know the reason for this reply? Words are mine, I have just taken pictures but still get a cheetah reply. 😤😤😤

the post u just commented on and the comment you have recieved mean everyone is getting the fuck out of steem XDDD i already sold most of my steem because the steem chain hardforked.... the hardfork is called hive and pretty much everyone is on it... if u value free speech and decentralization u should join us there aswell :P you can view the hive chain with this frontend or u just update the esteem app to view and post on hive... since hive is basically the copy of steem, you already have money on your hive account, and you can use exchanges like bittrex to basically trade your steem over to hive....

basically in the 22.8888 steem update that most top witnesses that are voted in by justin sun run, money from top witness accounts got frozen and also posts that talk about the hive blockchain got censored on the steemit frontend... though these posts are still on the blockchain, if you view them on u wont see them... its the first step of his censorship.... so its likely there will be harsher censorship in the future...

Oh my God!
Increasing complexity, I wish I had enough time to learn. But with the broken PC, I might postpone it.

Thanks for your detailed answer. I will heed your advice!
gosh :P
just update the esteem app on your phone and switch to hive
i hope your pc gets fixed soon. if you plan to buy a new one, it might just be cheaper to get a raspberry pi instead?