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RE: Why Decentralization Is Everything and Nothing: Lessons for OpenBazaar, SteemIt, and Future Projects

in #steemit5 years ago

Hey drwasho,
thanks for sharing your thoughts. I also think that there are way too much projects, which uses decentralisation as main 'selling argument' , even if there is no need for it ;)
For me its more like an ideological thing, that i want society managed by the people itself and not by some rent-seeking who say: 'i know better whats good for all' .
For apps on the internet, this means that no single person should be responsible for a big network , that is important for people. We live in a time, where we have great techniques to archive at least distributed networks, that have no single-point-of-failure and i really appreciate every developer with the ideals to make everything more decentral/distributed but not, if the only goal is to still make money out of others work like its happening around the world right now.
greetings and sleep well ;)

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