Ways to Earn money on Steemit

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The easiest way to earn income on steemit is by writing posts and receiving upvotes from users. Good content is key to getting upvotes and the more upvotes the more the earnings. There are many well established tribes users can find to post their contents to in order to receive more than just steem upvotes.

The steem-engine.com lists some of these tribe's tokens that can be rewarded also through upvotes.


Another way to earn is to comment and curate other people's posts. Basically upvoting other's content will allow you as the voter to receive a percentage of the 50% of the rewards in curating a post based on when you provided your upvote and how much steem power in in your upvote. The more steem power the more earning. Writing comments can get attention from others or even upvotes. So if you don't have the time to write a post but can still interact on steemit one can make comments on the platform to earn money.


With comments it siege ways into @steem-bounty where comments when upvoted by blog post author that has put a bounty on it will allow commentators to receive additional rewards beyond the upvote. The bounty can be steem and or sbd. Immediate payment is received following the seven day period after post was published.

Come on and start interacting on steemit as your earnings awaits!