Fantasy Football Kickoff

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Well today should be exciting because the NFL games have started and that means fantasy football is in full swing. Yet my first and fourth round picks will likely fall flat this year. Le'Veon Bell is holding out and Greg Olsen re injured his foot. Both players still have the possibility to play later in the season but I am not holding much hope.

My biggest risk that I thought after the draft was in QB, but Luck did well in Week 1 so for now I am safe. I can not believe Ryan Fitzepatrick's haul against the Saints. I won't be surprise if he gets picked up in this week's waivers.

Games I watched were Pats versus Texans and Cowboys versus Panthers. The latter game was closer in scores so kind of better between the two. I was waiting of Prescott or Elliot to explode but neither really did it and the Cowboys came up short. Kudos to the Panther's defense. For the Patriots although they seem to have the game in their control for some reason played conservative in the second half and making mental errors that got the Texans back is not good. I have noticed the Pats tend to do this often than not with leads. Although they win the games are 60 minutes long so they better make sure to finish their job before they get back to the locker rooms. I know it may sound a bit arrogant but looks bad for a team that wants to stay as a super bowl contender while giving up big leads.

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Date of post: 9/9/2018

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I am holding on for dear life in my week one match up. I need Detroit's defense to stand tall tonight. Not holding my breath on that though.


Well at least you were right about Detroit defense. That third quarter was terrible. On the positive note at least the offense played as bad as defense. Wait you not a Detroit's fan right?

I thought Rogers was going down, then he comes back after being carted off and throws a bomb to Allison. I’m sure Rogers owners were very happy after that


I was fucking terrified. I might pull this one out against @fuzzmaster



Yes, great match. My wrs will be hugely disappointing all year haha.