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Big thanks!

First of all I want to thank everyone that contacted me in the past few weeks, months, years about Giving me the heads up if something was not working properly. Next to the feedback I got many questions related to future updates and tools regarding Steemit.

Second to that I want to thank everyone for using the fist ticker, that started almost 2 years ago.

Looking back!

Today I decided to have a look into the tool I have created almost 2 years ago. Honestly I was a bit surprised about the amount of traffic that was created. Especially since 2018 the site statistics have gone up by many percent. Currently on average 250 unique visitors, creating almost 1000 sessions & 6000 pageviews a day! This I never expected when I made the tool for myself to get more insights into the Steem & SteemDollar coin.

The future of

To make a long story short, in the past I was a bit swamped & distracted by many other things that played in my daily life. Therefore I could not bring time to the table regarding Steemit let alone To say the least I think this is a pity regarding

In the past I got several offers of commercial parties to sell, or to monetise it trough adds. This is not something I want to sell or give away to a outside commercial party, altho I think it is worth to see and try how can get to a new level supporting the use of Steem & SteemDollar.


So I want to put up the discussion on how to continue with
1.) Please let me know what you think about ?
2.) If you still see a future for it and what would that future be ?
3.) Additional tools or ideas to be implemented on the website ?
4.) Changes that need to be made ?
5.) Willing to help & support the website, (coding) knowledge, Ideas, etc.

Thanks for reading and I hope that we together can give a new impulse to the

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i'd say, keep it simple. like it is atm :)

1 purpose fits the need.

Interesting nobody even responded to you. We found Steemdollar to be quite a useful service and we hope you will continue to implement new features maybe you can find more support in the ADSactly Discord Community.