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RE: ShadowBot feature update! All accounts no longer up vote their own posts! [Declined Rewards]

in #steemit3 years ago

why you prioritize some of the members?
i onlu upvote 3-4 members and rest are at the end of the queue. is that a new feature? or just some bug?


We prioritize posts based on shadow rank first, expiration second. We also limit daily up votes per member to 2 posts, so any given Shadow Caster can only get 2 posts up voted by another member in any 24 hour period.
"How does ShadowBot decide what to vote on?
ShadowBot works on a pool mentality. Every Shadow Caster is given a position in the Shadow Pool prioritized by their Shadow Rank. Authoring high value posts will increase your Shadow Rank leading you to see more of your posts receiving priority in the Shadow Pool."