I decided to come back to Steemit! Tell me what has changed...

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It has been months since I've last been on Steemit. They were personal reasons. So, how's Steemit been?

What have I missed it? Tell me below.

I'm curious. Do bots still work? And what's the best way of making more STEEM? Do curations bots still work? I'm thinking about purchasing a couple thousand $USD word of STEEM soon. $BTC is on the rise. So I may have to wait for the next drop. I do not know!


Welcome Back @matthewoz101


Partiko is app which is connected with steemit, where you can earn rewards points for upvoting, posts, view ads, comments and then you can convert points for steem or partiko upvotes, it is really good and easy, I love it

Try it


Thank you! I will try it out.

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