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I have found out the truth about what happens when you decide not to read the TOS. What happens is you break the first and only real law that has ever existed. Harm No One. When it happens you are all contrite and feel stupid, yet most of us never form the habit of reading TOS's on new websites we join.

Why is that?

For me the unvarnished truth is I am mentally lazy. Yep it isn't pretty except for the fact that it is true. So every time I inadvertently harm someone I pay not only what ever price it will cost me to make it right I also pay this huge price in self image and major league embarrassment.


  • So I have decided to help my fellow steemians (Really myself "shh you'll wake up the kids") to at least read the TOS starting with the FAQ's and avoid being, or feeling like the mule below: As a form of penance and the beginning of a new habit.

  • I will add my understanding and thoughts about it along the way!

  • Not the whole thing, but a small piece at a time and only now and then.

  • Oh yes you are welcome to give me your opinions criticism and corrections as you see fit.


Contrary to what most would do, I am going to start with the Disclaimer. It is actually the last part of the FAQ's. You can read what it says in its entirety below: However I am not going to spruce it up at all, because it is about truth, justice, and the steemit way.


"Third Party References and User Links"

"BlockTrades, Poloniex, Bittrex, Changelly,, Coinbase, Localbitcoins, SteemDB, PeerHub,, SteemTools, AnonSteem, SteemConnect, Streemian, SteemStats, Pixabay, Steemcleaners, Pexels, Postimage, Markdown Cheatsheet, @cheetah, Bitcointalk, bitcoinfees,, and steemd are third party applications/services, and are not owned or maintained by Steemit, Inc. Their listing here, as well as any other third party applications or websites that are listed, does not constitute and endorsement or recommendation on behalf of Steemit, Inc."

"All links to user posts were created by our users and do not necessarily represent the views of Steemit, Inc. or its management. Their listing here does not constitute and endorsement or recommendation on behalf of Steemit, Inc."

"Please use the third party tools and content at your own risk."

Source: FAQ's

This is pretty clear.

  • All of those website SteamIt is not responsible for


  • No if's, no and's and no buts"

  • Use of the third party tools. That is any tools is at:


Believe it or not I am not writing it with the extra emphasis for your benefits though I hope it will benefit you. No you see I plan on using these post as my notes and I want to make sure I don't miss the point. lol

I sure hope everyone benefits from this post?

Any opinions, criticisms or corrections?

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