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RE: Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) and Free Market are Incompatible?

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I did not know any of what you just said. I am just learning about cryptocurrencies. I am not sure I understand the difference between supposed free market speculation (theft) and the witness "It's a Delegated Proof of Stake market." , but I can tell you I will. lol


There are a few links at the end of my posts, they are supposed to help newbies. Do read the one about witnesses, it should shed some light.

Yeah I like "Witness what are they and why should you care.". I haven't had time yet to study all the Witnesses and really there is a mountain of data in this virtual world. It is just going to take some time that is all.

As far as the value of steem. It being hooked up to the ponzi scheme criminal organization called the U.S Federal Reserve, is what makes me nervous. The U.S dollar is almost as valuable as my toilet paper. If it wasn't for the fact that it doesn't make very good toilet paper, I'd use it for that purpose.

The fact that our legal system is fictional and does not represent sane legal adjudication would be funny if it wasn't so harmful. I have often felt as if bugs bunny was trying to hand me a carrot and forcing me to take a bite, as if the carrot which doesn't exit is going to nourish me. The governments are completely insane.

I am not complaining by the way. Just stating the facts. lol

Yeah it is just going to take time for me to digest it, but I will take the time.

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