Warning of stealing your account steemit Use a deceptive comment Steal password

in steemit •  last year

 Hi steemit
Today he was amazed by the deceitful comment
The text of the comment tells you 

 I totally agree with you, i have found something similar here, it's a good read : http://xxxxxxx

 I deleted the link
When you access this link you will find an updated version of the site steemit

 When you write the information, your account will be hijacked and balance transferred
Please support to eliminate these things here 


Do not press the link in the comment

When in doubt, put a flag for the commentator

 On my friend page @gavvet

 I've seen a comment from that person @tadeator

 I always wish the best for the community steemit
Thanks all friends 

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I did an investigation of this after seeing your post, and the offending site has been terminated by hosting provider after I reported it to them.

If you see anything more like this, do let me know and I will ensure it gets dealt with as quickly as possible.


Thank you for this kind help and good work


@synapse, you should be officially noted as someone who can make an intervention. I wouldn't know who to address in such case.

Whoa... that escalated quickly. I think it's inevitable that we'll be seeing more of such things as Steemit becomes more popular. We can only be vigilant and educate / alert. Thanks for highlighting!


I agree with you my friend and this proves great success steemit

Yeh must watch out for tricks like this, they can easily get you if your not switched on.


I agree with you my friend

Thank you for bringing this to our attention!


This the pleasure



Thank you my friend for this support

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Thank you so much for that, @mars9. We must be aware of it and community must be safe from everything.


I agree with you my friend .. I will write the login information but I see the address is different

Wow thanks for the advice!, i saw that comment on other post!...


Thank you

Thank you for the heads up @mars9 - we don't need that kind of thing here


I really agree with you my friend we love this steemit a lot

thanks for that advice


Thank you @detlev

Many thanks for this.. stay alert...


Thank you my friend ... you will find support and eliminate like it


:-) I've actually clicked on a few.... sending me to a link somewhere. I might just reconsider clicking on those invites... and checking them out first..


I agree with you, my friend .. Beware of that vague comments

Wow... I suppose that it's inevitable that as Steemit becomes more and more popular, there will also be a "criminal element" trying to take advantage.

Thanks for pointing this out!


I agree with you my friend .... This shows a great success here steemit

Thank you for the alert @mars9.


Thank you my friend



Thank you my friend for this support

Thankyou bro!


Thank you @anejosua

I appreciate the heads up on this. I will be on the lookout for these types of comments.


I agree with you my friend

Thanks for the valuable info.God bless you.Cheers!!!!!


Thanks for the warning


Thank you @aleister

Terimakasih @mars9 , atas informasi yang sangat bagus.


Many thanks my friend

Good looking out. Thank you @mars9.

Much Love!


Many thanks my friend

thanks for your information...will take extra care about those comment

Thanks for the warning! Upvoted and Resteeming

Thank you very much for sharing ! Upvoted, resteemed and followin you. Bright blessings.

I would freak the heck out

Great info, we need to watch out for each-other.

Scammers are everywhere, thanks to @ultramylk for introducing you to me :
I'm a follower from now on :-)

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I'm paranoid now beyond belief and i barely have any steem. Hope this was dealt with.

A really good read thank you for sharing

Hi! Have you heard about @krwhale? It is similiar with @randowhale. For your information please click on.

We have to be so careful nowadays. There are so many tricks and scams there.

Thanks @mars9 ,The is very useful info.

that's fraud.... i think the best way to stop this is to flag anyone that drops a link on a comment. links should be on the #postpromotion channel. i would do my possible best to fight against that

I muted @tadeator . Can i do something more ?