Convincing a friend to join steemit!

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Hello fellow steemians!
On today's blog post I would like to talk about bringing people over to this wonderful platform and its many branches like Dlive,Dtube etc
My friend Heather is currently using Youtube as her main platform. She is a toy channel. Mostly vintage toys like care bears and such stuff. Lots of pink! :)
You know how youtube is and some youtubers have migrated or used both steemit and youtube together.

Here is a video from her channel talking about her 50 facts about herself.

Any SBD or Steem earned from this will be saved and given to her when she jumps on the platform :)
I told her about my stories and my personal achievements I have made thru out the site :)
Do you have any friends whom you convinced to join steemit and seen them thrive and find new people to talk to?
Share your stories below! <3
Until Next time <3


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