Steem account setup latency: 40 days

in #steemit3 years ago

An acquaintance verified their email with Steemit on November 29th and finally got the "One last step to set up your account" email yesterday, January 8th. That's a 40-day wait for a new user, which seems unreasonable even considering the intervening holiday.


While the 40-day wait is indeed pretty long, this is actually good news! Steemit fully stopped creating new accounts a couple of weeks ago, and hearing now that new accounts are created again is not so bad in this context :)

@mobbs : see steemit is creating records now! Onboarding is not 7/14 days. It is approaching 7 weeks! :P

people are used to going on the 'official' sites. Steemit should link to the various options of creating accounts. Or we need to be able to advertise better, but the first site where new people will land is obviously

It's a really bad situation...