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Me: Hi, my name is William... and I'm addicted to Steemit.

Crowd: Hi William

Steemit Joke.JPG

It's only been a week since I've been on Steemit, and I have to say I'm addicted. And yes, getting paid for posts and engagements is great... don't get me wrong. But honestly, the content being posted by most everyone is killer quality! I want to thank @brettcalloway for introducing me to this.

And to everyone so far who is following, I really appreciate it! I hope I'm able to offer back to this community in whatever way I can!

Here's to a LONG and ENGAGING relationship!

  • William

It didn’t take long did it my friend! Congrats to you for checking it out even though it’s unchartered territory! Be here for the long haul and big things can happen! Keep on steemin! :-)

Absolutely- it doesn't make any sense to work so hard anywhere else!

For sure! The incentives are out of wack on other SM platforms! Facebook is almost dead to me now. Instagram is complete junk! YouTube and Twitter are still in play for now. Steemit is my online home!

Im new too and so far i like it.

Excellent - I would have to say, that unlike other social media platforms, Steem has users that are encouraging and earnestly want to help others. It's a great concept and I hope to see it flourish!

It its what we make it!

Exactly- there's is SO MUCH potential with this platform!

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