One, simple thing that could get more people to !

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We can get more people to, by one very simple thing !***

As you can see on the picture MAINSTREAM media have features like this for example : "IF YOU WANT TO READ MORE, YOU HAVE TO BECOME SUBSCRIBER"**

Bez názvu-5.jpg

Many people on the world are sharing their STEEMIT post/DTUBE video on Facebook, Twitter etc. *

Steemit have becoming more and more popular as many famous youtebers like (@Hodgetwins @furiouspete123 ETC. ) start join STEEMIT (DTUBE)*

What about to give author of the post or dtube video, right to allow on each post/video only STEEMIT users to see ?***



Because there are many posts recently on the topic of promoting Steemit and get more people in, I just wrote [this article]/ to explain some of my thoughts on this. Maybe it interests you...

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