A Little Advice To My Fellow Minnows

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Despite my up to now relatively short steemit stint, I would like give to a few words of advice to my fellow minnows.

Free Tool For Grammar
If you are not a native English speaker like me, you may consider using a free online tool to check your spellings and grammar so as to improve the quality of you articles. The tool is available at http://www.onlinecorrection.com/. I know that Microsoft word performs the same function but this tool does a little bit more than Microsoft word. It gives more you suggestions.

Getting Followers
My opinion is that one of the best ways to grow your follower base is to make quality comments on other people’s posts. Here I am not talking comments such as ‘’good article’’ or ‘’great idea.’’ You have to make comments which reflect that you have genuinely read the post or listened to video (in case of Dtube). The comments must spell out your thoughts or opinions about what you will have read. In cases where you want to express thoughts or opinions different from those in the post, you can do so without insulting or belittling the author. It would be great if you can give factual reasons (as opposed to merely emotional reasons) for your different opinion.
People appreciate quality comments on their blogs. Imagine a situation where someone has a post that is 3 or 4 days old and has no comments. You then see such a post and make a good comment. The author of the post will surely take notice.

Do Not Just Make A Post And Go Away
Steemit thrives on interaction between the members. If you post on your blog, you should come back once or twice a day to check to see if there are comments. You must interact with those who make the comments. You can comment on their comments or even thank them for commenting. Some people will be asking questions about you will have written and you have to answer them.
However, you must avoid starting a ‘’war of words’’. When someone gives an opinion different from the one in your post, do not get defensive. You can tell them you have noted or appreciated their point of view.

Those were just the few words of advice I have for my fellow minnows. I also welcome your advice and opinions.

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Hi @marihuya! This is great advice to the minnow accounts out there. I agree with you in that there is a lot of potential to be found in simply being genuine and interactions are great ways for us minnows to add value.

Great advice. Thanks for sharing this useful information!

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