Steemit has changed my LIFE!!!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️

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Steemit has changed my LIFE!!!

I heard of crypto in 2014 and then again in June of 2016. For me, it still held the associations of the Silk Road and the dark web. I didn't want anything to do with it. "It's for bad stuff" I said to myself.

Then I saw a talk by Andreas Antonopolous that changed everything for me. From that one video, I really got cryptocurrency. I got the blockchain. I could see the revolution. I knew it would change the world. I was sold.

Then I found Steemit and I couldn't believe it. People were making money just from posting and writing? From liking other posts? For talking and connecting in the community? WOW.

It was amazing. I was so used to doing things for free everywhere that I was shocked a company wanted to reward me. Like truly reward me. Value me. Honor me. Respect me. Show me that the creativity I express is valuable.

It changed my life. I see what I do as valuable now. I feel honored and because of that, I give back and honor others. I take the time to reach out to the community. I enjoy reading posts.

I tell everyone I know about Steemit. Because it has changed my life.

Now I am a joyful crypto, blockchain and investing educator. I love teaching this amazing technology to the world.

Thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!


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Agree , again and again...
Thanks for another great post!

I am glad to see your feelings I waiting for same post like you when my life will be change due to steemit and I will enjoy that moments but left keep it up and thanks for this post @mariana85


Thank you @ajmalaftab! The valuable thing for me is not to focus on the money but to just enjoy sharing and have fun connecting with the community. <3

Ohio State University Alum here, nice to connect my fellow Buckeye. I like your story and how you had an open mind and gave crypto a chance. It is a life changer for many.