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You asked for #10,000 and your dad told you he will give you in the morning before he leaves for work, this is after he has thoroughly scrutinised what you needed the money for, and all the questions he asked is already making you angry.
Through out the night the man couldn't sleep because he was thinking of how to give you the last #10,000.
Morning came and he called you into the room to give you #9,000 instead of #10,000 and you squeezed your face in discontent and reluctantly said 'thank you' after complaining its wasn't complete.
Your mum after seeing this will not say anything but will meet you in your room much later where your dad isn't and gives you #2000 from her own money and says "don't mind him, use this one to complete it". You smile from ear to ear, you quickly go to facebook and whatsapp to write "I have the best mum in the world, i love my mum".
Now your dad had gone out again with just #1,000 in his pocket and that happens to be the last bit of cash he has on him, not to include fuel or use as transport to work.
He will never let you see this because he is a MAN.
Always try to appreciate your Dad for no reason because you won't know what your life would have turned out without a fatherly figure in it..

I love my dad. And I bet you love yours too. Dads are priceless. Appreciate your dad always.


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Not all of them are like this Oooo. Nice Post