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RE: Your Privacy and Crypto Is At Risk! New Bill Gives Unprecedented Access.

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I think that thanks to steemit we will defense yourself from this problems. They can't control blockchain

Also governments on entire globes, don't care about us even if you think they do. They wanna data so if not now then later they gonna force this somehow


Well, the problem is. With this Law, The Government will have full access to your computer without your knowledge and any restriction. Also because Blockchain is based on your internet broadband provider they can restrict access to blockchain and also as @d00k13 did mention now they can make you pay tax from your blockchain earnings.
Blockchain users have to take this seriously and stop being delusional. Since if they will cut us off from the whole internet how Steem will help us? if any of us won't have any access to the Internet?

I know. In my words I might sound over exaggerating but.. we should take always extra precaution. We people already did fight against ACTA, CETA, PETA and some other government crap. We did stop them. And we have to continue to do this. Simple because the Internet is truly free world. Where the Government want to put hands on it.

I think one of reasons for this is that people avoid paying taxes and they see how many billions of dollars disappears. Paying some taxes would be good thing to keep them away for the moment at least.

But it is like this :D, and they wanna know everything. If there will be good solution to all this mess ;/

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