I reached my first 100SP

in steemit •  5 months ago


I waited for this day! :D

After more than 150 days on steemit I have reached one of my goals. I know that's nothing if you wanna compare my 100SP to whales but still I only have time to invest because I don't have to much cash, but it's ok.

I will going for another milestone 500 SP to growth as big gamer community member here on steemit.

I thank you to @OPGaming group, also @Steemgc, @Dlive @Dtube @Steepshot @Littlewitch and other peoples who helped me a lot in my way since beginning for achieve this without putting Steem into Steem Power.

They helped me by upvotes, comments and creating fantastic sites I use and I recommend them to others.

What's now?

Now I will turn 50 Steem in to Steem Power and I will have 150 SP and maybe in next 150 days after being hardworking here, I will going to have 500 SP :D
Let's see what future brings to me :D

Thank You again all for your support and help


Hey! If you wanna see more things, what I'm doing, just check my social links!
Also If you are gamer or you have content related to gaming don't forget to check @opgaming group!

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Congratulations, buddy! That first 100SP is the toughest. Once you get past that hurdle, it's a lot easier from here on out


I hope so! :D By being bigger I will make bigger upvotes to you and OPG :D

Congrats dude it takes time and energy to make these milestones organically I found the support flooded in after the 60 rep milestone which for me alined with 500 SP.. all the power to you!

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Thank you very much! :D I will gonna catch 60 rep someday! :D


You will in no time I am sure of it!

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Gratz! I'll watch your next stream.


Thank you! And you are always welcome :D