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Hello Steemians from all nations!

As I think that Proverbs are the wisdom of the nations in its pure form and as my followers number is closely reaching 100, I’ve decided to celebrate this by creating a little contest on Steemit with 5SBD to be won. Hurray!
Here are the rules:
In order to take part in the contest you will have to

  1. Resteem and Upvote this post
  2. Pick your favorite proverb from anywhere around the World.
  3. In the comments section of this post you will need to write it in the following order:

Original proverb: here you write the proverb in its original language
English translation: here you translate the proverb into English as accurately as you can
Country/Region of origin: here you write where exactly is the proverb from
Explanation of the wisdom: here in your own words you will explain why do you think this particular proverb is so powerful and what message it has for the rest of humanity.

Rules for prize giveaway:
There will be 2 lucky winners of 2.50SBD each chosen randomly from all participants. Deadline for comment submissions is 23:59GMT @ 8th April 2018. Only one entry per account is permitted. Tranfers of SBD to winners will be made on the 9th April 2018 from my account.

Here is an example of successful entry:

Original Proverb: Gdy się człowiek spieszy, to się diabeł cieszy.

English translation: When the human is in a hurry, the devil is happy

Country of origin: Poland

Explanation of the wisdom: I can honestly say that most bad things happen to us when we hurry. Whether it’s a car accident, something important you forget to take or you simply act to quickly because you are overexcited. Remaining calm in the stressful situations isn’t easy but in my opinion hurrying very often leads to bad negative outcomes.

I hope that you will enjoy this contest a lot and hopefully we will all learn something new by the end of the day.

Good Luck
There will also be an Extra 1SBD award for the comment with the largest amount of upvotes.

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Thank you all very much for participating in my contest!
Congratulations for 2 random winners: @aura.connect & @okahjul who both won 2.50SBD each.
Also Congratulations for @queen1234 who won 1SBD for the largest amount of upvotes received.
Here is the proof of transfers:
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Thank you so much! 😍😘😘☺


Thanks @marczanto 👍👍👍

Original Proverb: Knowledge is like a garden,If it is not cultivated, it cannot be harvested.
English Translation: Knowledge is like a garden,If it is not cultivated, it cannot be harvested.
Country of Origin: Africa
Explanation of the wisdom: If you don’t make efforts to acquire knowledge then you would not expect to have it and if you do not put the knowledge you have to use, you cannot expect to gain anything from it.

Original proverb : ìsé lóògùn ìsé
English translation : hard work is the antidote of poverty
Country of origin : Nigeria (Yoruba)
Explanation of the wisdom : It simply means if you work hard with alot of dedication poverty will be eradicated from your life , this is applicable to many people who dont really want to do anything but earn free money , some even will continue to pray to be rich and pray for blessing without working , all those that are in high places today and that history has their names have put so much effort in working hard ,tirelessly to achieve their dreams this proverb is thereby explaning to us that one can also make it through hardwork,dedication and alot of seriousness


True talk




Nice proverb







Original Proverb:It is the way the elephant feels the weigh of it's head that the ant feels the weight of it's own head.
English Translation: It is the way the elephant feels the weight of it's head that the ant feels the weight of it's own head.
Country of Origin: Nigeria, Igbo
Explanation of Proverb Do not presume your problems are more than the next person's, each person has their own challenges.

Original proverb: obo hirue rueh kowho i wo mo kpain higabo

English Translation: The usefulness of axe that is why it carried on the shoulder

Country of Origin: Urhobo language Nigeria

Explanation of Wisdom: Value is reciprocal, the value you give to a person, is as a result of the value you will get or you have gotten from the person. So this is an advice to give back value, respect, honour to people, places or courses that you have gotten or will get it from

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  • Original proverb - kokoro tin je efo, idi efo Lo n gbe.

  • Translation - the insect that destroy a vegetable lives on it..

  • Country of origin - Nigeria

  • Explanation of the wisdom- the person that can hurt you is Someone that is very close to you...

Original proverb: Paēdis izsalkušo nesaprot.
English translation: The full man does not understand the wants of the hungry.
Country of origin: Latvia
Explanation of wisdom: This could be said about Latvian politicians who does everything to benefit themselves and not the people.

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Original Proverb:The lizard that jumped from the high Iroko tree to the ground told it would praise itself if no one else did.
English Translation:The lizard that jumped from the high Iroko tree to the ground told it would praise itself if no one else did.
Country of Origin: Africa
Explanation of the wisdom: It means that a person must always stay happy about his or her achievements even if nobody cares.

Original Proverb: When the going gets tough, the tough get going

English translation: When the going gets tough, the tough get going

Country of origin: America but it is has been attributed both to Joseph P. Kennedy (1888–1969) father of U.S. President John F. Kennedy, and sometimes to Norwegian-born American football player and coach Knute Rockne (1888–1931).]

Explanation of the wisdom: That when something is hard, you don't just quit you stick to it and see it through. anything can be possible if you try.

thanks for such a cool contest, can't wait to see all the proverbs

Original Proverb: رگ رگے چهو خون پکا

English translation: Blood is thicker than water.

Country of origin: Kashmir in India.

Explanation of the wisdom
Real sympathy lies in blood relations.At times people feel to have blessed with friends, classmates, jobmates, roomates, hostelmates etc and they seem to be too much sympathetic but time has proven the fact that when you really need symapthy or you need persistant sympathy, at that times only your blood relations viz dad, mom, bro, sister etc are the real soul soothers.

  • Original Proverb - ba mi nâ òmó mi ko de inu olomó

  • Translation - beat my child for me is not to the delight of his parent..

  • Country of origin - Nigeri

  • Proverb meaning- A parent can never be happy when you beat their child in front of them, even if they give their consent, it still breaks their heart that you are hurting their child... Parents love is the greatest...

the road is clear .... Can the steemians find their way to success?

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Original Proverb: Rashin sanni yafi dare duhu

English Translation: Ignorance is darker than the Night.

Country of Origin: Nigeria

Explanation of the Wisdom: It is most definitely true that ignorance is a very unfavourable state - it is dark! I can honesty say that when we are ignorant of certain facts and truths, it leaves us in a state of deep darkness, as though our eyes have been literally removed and we can't see. Worse still is to refuse to admit or ask questions when we are unsure but take actions based on little or no information. Knowledge, like light, is a must for us all, we must seek and love it! Ignorance isn't an option, like darkness, it's terrible and we must resist and hate it!

Person when wear shoe na him know where he for they pain am

Origin is Nigeria


It means a person who is going through a challenge knows where the problem really is and he only can best describes what he is really going through

Lol.. Hope you enjoyed it

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Original proverb: Cats and dogs

Raining heavily

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Original proverb: If who dey front no lost,who dey follow am no dey lost

English Translation: If the person at the is not going astray, then the person following him will not go astray

Country of origin: Nigeria ( Pidgin English)

Explanation of Wisdom: It is about leaders, if a leaders, people in helm of government, clergymen are leading in the right way, the followers will also follow the right way. Conclusively it path the leader paved that the follower will follow

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