What do you do to increase traffic to your Steemit blog?

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I use a variety of tactics to increment the visibility to my Steemit blog and was hoping to get some feedback from some other members of this amazing content creating blockchain community.

These are the things that I do after posting to ensure maximum visibility ( in and outside Steemit )

  • Tweet my post Easy click share option on the bottom right of your published post.                
  • Share your link in post promotion on Steemit.chat



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  • Link your post on any other blog you might own and include an interesting write up or related article, a good place to post would be wordpress or blogger

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  • Google+ is also a great method for getting the word out amongst your contacts


  • Steemit Facebook Groups      

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Here are some Groups run by Steemit members for the purpose of sharing links of posted steemit posts.






  • Using correct tags relevant to your content is a great way to increase organic traffic to your blog, Here is an old post from feb talking about the the very subject 


So now the question is what do you to increase traffic to your Steemit blog?

I look forward to reading your interesting replies hope everybody has a great weekend!


These are some great tips to get more exposure to your posts! I'm a bit lazy myself, almost never spending time to promote my posts outside of the steem.chat.

I appreciate the information. I've heard a lot about steemit chat. I will check that out for sure. Thanks again for the direction. I am following for sure.

Yes many people link posts on steemit chat its a great way to meet steemit users directly by talking to them privately as well. Good luck to you

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What do you do to increase traffic to your Steemit blog? — #Steemit

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Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

I use Twitter, Linkedin, Snapchat, post in chat in various channels.

I never used snapchat in my life, I will have to look into it :) Thanks for your contribution @billykeed

I use some of this also plus Discord :)

But on discord you cant share links unless your an aproved member right?

You can in every server you join no aproval need :)

I've just been trying to gain followers, but that hasn't worked so far lol. I'm just going to try and write some quality articles and hope people enjoy them and follow me.

Thats the best and only way to get good followers, just think the people you want following you should be interested in your content. There are many new users looking for followbacks but this is pretty much just a waste of time if you ask me. Good luck with your posts

Thanks a lot, I'll start focusing on content rather than followers.

Yes this is the best way, followers will come also at a certain point the amount of followers that you get actually speeds up once you pass 500 or at least this has been my experience.

Thanks a lot for the advice! Shot you a follow! You've been a big help

Great I will be checking to see how you progress, followed back :) and a 0.05$ upvote on your comment!

Wow thank you so much! Ill be sure to introduce myself and focus on my content like you advised me. I'm really looking forward to the Steemit experience and sharing my ideas with the community!

Just remember Rome was not built in a day, just be persistent and patient and you will apreciate Steemit for what it is. I wish you the best of luck :)

Looks good, i'm new here and i think this is very helpful i'll try to contribute on that.

Let me know when you make your #introducemyself post

I use twitter and FB group

Can I post my Steemit article to other blog platform like Wordpress?

Sure, you can do whatever you want with the content you create ;)

Thanks for great info about increase traffic
this is great info
have a nice and sunny friday

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Before I do any promotion on the outside I work on building my Steemit tribe. This includes a lot of reading, leaving LOTS of thoughtful comments, and responding to comments. People want to connect with people and it helps that connection when you are authentic in communicating with your growing tribe.
But if you're looking for a tool to keep your posts active in your social media feeds, check out IFTTT.com :)

Thank you! Cheers.

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great idea to spread on twitter

I really like these ideas, some of the best ways to get more views, very useful. Thank you.

I'm a newbie in here in steemit. However i don't want to link my facebook account on steemit. Also I don't have tweeter, linkedIn. Is there any other idea? rather than spamming from other articles, that is begging for them to read my blog?

Hey thanks! I was wondering how to increase the traffic, I will try steam chat see what its like. Thanks

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