Steemit Giveaway Contest Part 2

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Hi there fellow Steemers!

 I have decided to continue on with my Getting to know the community plan and start up the next giveaway contest. Yesterdays contest was very interesting and I thank those of you that participated again and welcome you back today for more free coins.

Rules are as follows.

1. Three Prizes will be awarded at midnight Friday depending on amount of voting. First will receive 50 steemit Second 20 and third place 10 Steemit transfered from me.

2. Your entry comment must include the name of your favorite place in the world could be a city or famous site.

3, Each contestant must upvote at least 2 other entries that they consider to be valid to be eligible for the prize. First 5 entries will be exempt from this rule.

4. Upvoting and resteeming the post is optional but apreciated.

5. Example of valid entry after having upvoted other users My favorite Place in the world is Kuala Lumpur look forward to winning again! 

4, Depending on the amount of upvotes and entried I may increase the payouts for the three prizes or even add fourth and fifth place.

My goal is to become more active in this community increase my follower base and find a few like minded individuals to connect with.

With Kind Regards


Paris, Rome or Heidelberg. There are too many fun places to visit in the world, it is very hard to name just one.

If u had to pick one favorite from the three? :)

Paris. Awesome art museums, shops, catacombs and other sites.

2nd Prize congrats your steem will arrive soon thanks for playing

Nice! Thank you! :)

While I like Paris and I am a huge fan of Yellowstone (probably my favorite US Natural landmark), I have to say Norway. The Fjords are one of the most beautiful and peaceful places in the world.

I agree Alberta and BC are beautifull

We have friends in both those areas... how did you know? ;)

I used to live in Calgary its awesome there

We visited friends in Campbell River back in 2010. They've moved to Vanderhoof (I think) and we're going back out to see them next year :)

3rd Prize congrats your steem will arrive soon thanks for playing

Paris, the spectacular times I have had here make me want to come back again and again and again despite the food!

I hope it doesn't count against me if I say Minorca!! My favourite island getaway. We holiday there often! The inlets, coves, amazing friendly people and last but not least ciutadella!

Menorca is paradise nice choice!

It is stunning. The first time we went we were so unsure but we're blown away by it's beauty!

Have u been to Mallorca... the north is very nice!

I havent no, it's always been on the cards but end up going to one of the other islands instead!

Home. I travel a lot for work and coming home makes this my favorite place in the world. Just a very small place in the sticks, U.S.A.

Amalfi coast italy , all those lemons and sunshine , i have never been and id love to be able to sail there , it just looks incredible .

Victoria Falls in Southern Africa - "Mosi oa Tunya" - The smoke that thunders

Ive been to many countries around the world and still the most beautifull place i love is Scotland. I am not a scot, i m from yorkshire U.K. but i always feel like i have come home when i go to scotland, mind you my grandad is scotish and my late grandma was irish-scotish so the ancestry is in my blood. :-)

I love Berlin and I also love the Deutsche Oper Berlin! Since I have been living here for the past four years here, I am extremely blessed to have this amazingly multicultural city as my current home! Ich liebe dich, Berlin, und ich bleibe immer treu zu dir! :D

It all depends on what it's the favourite for:

  • Favourite place to live = Wellington, New Zealand (where I live now, and never want to leave)
  • Favourite place for a laid back, doing nothing holiday = Kuratau on the W side of Lake Taupo, New Zealand. There are probably lots of better places that I haven't been to, but this one is only 5 hours drive away, which makes the holiday even more relaxing.
  • Favourite place for an action packed holiday = Las Vegas (went there April this year)
    I haven't actually been to that many places outside NZ, if I had, maybe my choices would be different.

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Savannah GA. in 2033 the city will be 300 years old. Beautiful buildings and massive trees right in the heart of downtown, worth a visit!

My favorite place is Cattle Camp swim hole in McCloud California, I look forward to connecting with tons of people on here. Go Steemit!

The truth is that this contest is very interesting for me the truth is that I have to answer something to participate in but fortunately or unfortunately I have not yet known an extraordinary place to live or be happy completely on this planet that fill me with pure energy and That I have been impacted so much as to say THIS IS MY FAVORITE PLACE "no" I am waiting now for always that day I know that my comment may seem a little stupid but I think it is the best answer I can provide in this pleasant survey for all We and that has prize
My humble opinion is that! And I will not change it because I know that someday I will be able to say that the best place I have ever known in my life time has been "THIS" The Balearic Islands since in this place I have lived the best moments of my life although I know that I have Many places in the world still to discover :-) Follow Me Please @cryptonetwork

I haven't been to many places. My favorite place in the world is a remote little waterfall off the beaten path outside of Lake City, Colorado, US.

lol Not actual location

I didn't have time to dig through old photos to find some. It is very remote and unknown by most people even locals to that area. My wife, and kids and I used to hike to it several times a year when I lived near there. It became a place that meant something to my family.

Actual location has the falls dropping off of some cliffs and you have to actually walk along the stream bed to reach where it lands in a pool with cliffs all around you. We once climbed on top of those cliffs and in the forest above found evidence of an old forest fire... parts of wood burning stoves, from a long ago forgotten mining village.

Here are some actual images from near there I found with a quick search. These are places people see regularly. You have to find the creek and hike up it to see the falls, and it is a small side creek so most people don't ever do it.



Source: State by State

When I play the game "Skyrim" I feel nostalgic because it reminds me of growing up and exploring that area of the world.

Canada, BC, but home in the UK is also great. It's just getting so busy here and I would rather be somewhere quieter.

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Chiang Rai in Northern Thailand. Check out the White Temple