Price of steem 2.78$ up 26%

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Another Exciting day for Steem holders current price of Steem 2.78$ ( At time of publishing )


Here is a screenshot of coinmarketcap showing the current price of Steem

Img Source

The price of Steem in a 30 day chart

Huge drop in Trading volume over the last couple days but its not affecting the price for now.

Total supply of Steem in circulation:

Total marketcap value

What I can understand from looking at this information is that there is going to be some big selling pressure coming in our direction. The large amount of new users are of course going to soften the blog. But I really think we are in store for a big price correction. Lets hope Im wrong and watch the price of steem rise and rise again :)

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Hello @mallorcaman

1 STEEM = US $ 100.00 - It will happen this year.

It shows that people are selling STEEM, I can not belive that people are selling now. I cry for them thinking about when they wake up and see 1 Steem = US $ 100.00

Listen to this guy from yesterday telling what the future can hold for Steemit (it is not me who tell big numbers):

Thanks I will watch the video when I get home. 100$ would be amazing and bring an even bigger flood of newbies than we are seeying now :)

This is really exciting. I just sold some Steem the other day and now the price is up even more. D'oh!
I wish I would have saved what I converted. Now the price is up, going to have to wait for a small dip, or the correction, if there is one.

I totally feel you Im in the same boat :) lets just be happy we still have enough to keep us smiling ! Steem on @hypexals-spiral

creo que vamos a ver los precios por los 3 $ en los proximos dias

Ojala :) Que te escuche quien haga falta!!

jaja seguro ojala

Jerry Banfield is now pushing the site to his very large audience in a big way and I don't think he is the only one. That may be what is driving up the price and activity and if so we probably won't see a correction. Hard to say with this stuff though. :)

Yeah he's really making a huge impact on how the amount of newbies joining Steemit. We need more people like @jerrybanfield

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Price of steem 2.78$ up 26% — #Steemit… /

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AWESOME Followed and upvoted ..!

It's so hard to decide if I should lock in some gains or just hang in for the ride.

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Go steem Go !!! Show me the money !!👍👍👍

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