Verifying account for the super 8 ball club .

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I am wondering about that the users can earn money from games.
This is the first ever pool game where users can earn steem. It has been developed in c# and jawascript. It is similar to that of 8 ball pool by miniplex.

  • In this game the users can earn steem by winning the challenges given by opponents.
  • The thing which inspired me is that if we lose some challenges we didn't loose anything.
  • Only those users can play this game who have an account of steemit, no other user can play this game.

Some important features of this game which I am going to share with all my steemian friends.

  • We can earn steem by winning and loose nothing by loosing challenges.
  • While playing we can chat or inform other players.
  • We can play this game with real humans in multiplayer.
  • Their is nothing fraud at all.
  • In this app there is daily reward system.

Verifying account for super 8 ball club.

  • Steemit user name:- @maliksajad
  • Tracking name:- maliksajad

Please update your selfie while holding a piece of paper/board/card on which your steem username and game tracking name must be clearly visible.

I have changed my selfie pic

Hi @maliksajad

Your account is now verified. Please click on "Switch Account" and repeat the login process again.

You can join us on discord to be able to quickly find your opponents and play with each other. We will be sharing quick updates on our discord channel as well.

Here's an invitation link for you:

Thank you!

Thank you sir,

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