Steem and steem dollars ranking in the crypto-monie stock exchange for today

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I will speak in this post on the ranking and the evoluation of the currency to use on steemit in the purse of crypto-monie

The value of today's Steem Dollars is   ฿0.00037213  And that of steem is  ฿0.00051721 

And below table below we will see their market capitalization and the volume of exchange

 Piece             Code        price          Market Capitalisation   Volume of exchanges 

Steem Dollars     SBD         ฿0.00037213         ฿1,306.8                 ฿69.6

Steem             STEEM       ฿0.00051721         ฿122,980.5               ฿892.9 

The ranking of steem dollars compared to the other currency crypto is in the 29th position and the steem come in the 34th position In the current hour

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