Steemit Comment Spam Honeypot Concept

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I have an idea for a way to help hoover up the low-effort spam jerks on Steemit.

A comment spam honeypot.

Ok so the definition of honeypot would seem to exclude this idea (checks Wikipedia) ...


... but stay with me.

Check these out ...



Wouldn't Steemit comment areas be nicer without this kind of rubbish?

It's not like our posts get rewarded by bot-engagement.

All it would take is to post an article that says "Please do not comment, I am hunting spammers", then anyone who comments would be added to a list of potential flag targets.

What do you think?

Image credit for the hard of thinking is Wikipedia as mentioned and in the screenshot and Disney. Oh and Spam is a registered trademark yada yada


It's a good idea, but if I made a bot and this idea is implemented, I would program the bot to avoid comment the posts which content the phrase "not comment" or the sub-string "spam". To solve this i think the spammers honeypot should include the "please don't comment" in images with some "noise" to avoid the image character recognition techniques (OCR).


I'm new to Steemit, but I noticed many users commeting on posts of beginners with links to their guides on how to use Steemit and link to follow them. Not sure if it counts also as honeypot, but it's definitely something I don't like.

Technically you can do that with any post ^^ it's fairly obvious what's spam and what's not.

Easier to automate when the post clearly states don't comment on this :)

You could have a weekly automated post yeah.

It could by easier, we can just start analysing the Blockchain for duplicate content and the Frontends can then remove those comments from the list automatically.

Good idea :)

What you mentioned is indeed real, This looks as a big rubbish.
People do not read in the sake of knowledge unfortunately.
You made me laugh at the end anyways

Thanks for this great post bro. Scamming need to be checked greatly.

can you realy get all the bots with this ?

Not all of them, no, but maybe make a dent?

I am not a whale so I wouldn't be able to flag all the spammers anyway :)

Good idea! Only in this way we can stop spammers.

This is really great idea, but my concern is that it'd become a cat-and-mouse game in which the botmakers figure out how to identify honeypots.

Imagine how much worse it'd be with instant account creation, though... shudder

Ugggh yeah that would not be a fun future :/

These get so dam frustrating. They probably think they are clever but it so obvious when its spam!

As you can see in one of the comment threads here below, they don't think they are doing anything wrong and get aggressively defensive when called out for it ;)

I think spammers life is short,they do this for some time and if didn't get any benifit from it they leave the platform,and a new batch of spammer come in later,so it's a continuous process you can't list them.

be very very quiet ... I'm hunter spammers !

Identify and destroy ... so basically you want to make a Voight-Kampff machine for Steemit .... I wanna be one of the first Steemit Blade Runners!!!!!

did you figure out if he is a replicant or not?

Harrison Ford? He definitely is .. and the character he plays ;) ;) ;)

The problem these days is everyone is out in search of a get rich quick scheme... This is why they hardly read an article before dropping comments... Some comments are even so obvious that it shows that they didn't read that article... They just want to be rewarded

Yes really big problem. Thank you for this post and keeping the people armed.

what a great idea be interesting to get this started!


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More help for others and less crying. I'm upvoting posts here whole day to help new people grow up and what are you doing? Making print screens to earn more $ by making post like this cause people will upvote this? Guess who will earn more - me or you and who is spammer. Bye. U already got 100$ for this stupid post without any content.

So you CAN write original comments, you just choose not to?

No he is busy in copy pasting

Sure and I can be malicious too so I will report that u posting content without copyrights and you tagging me here without my permission :) Don't worry, not only to administrators of Steemit :) Bye @makerhacks have fun.

Go right ahead :)

I will go through your posts and do the same :D

No problem, toxic asshole.

You are the one posting useless copypasta to comment areas but yeah, you are a genuine boon to the community ... sigh

Better copy/paste comment than earning money by making print-screens like you. So creative.,

Said guy who's using pictures from Google without copyrights or credits.

This is stock image. Do you know anything about copyrights or you're 10 years old kid?

When I have used stock I have said so because otherwise pedantic nitwits who copy and paste comments (like you) think they are IP law experts :D

Sure, go tell your mom that I pasted comment, lol :D

I am flying out to see my mum soon, anything else for me to pass along?

Wish you put more effort into your content and comments elsewhere. You obviously have the time.

Easier to copy and paste though, right? I am sure that is working out well for you.

Oh, and your flag was real mature. Seems to have made a HUGE dent LOL

it would have been funnier if you had just posted some spam.

that would have made him far more upset than all this hooplah

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