Why Steem Median value is stucked?

in #steemit3 years ago

Steem Median value is one of the most important parameter to calculate the vote values in steem posts.
We can see that value from https://steemnow.com/

But, it is a long time the median value is showing as $0.40

What i know is median is determined by steem price in market. Nowadays its price is less then $0.40.

Anybody knows what is the reason or is it the real/actual value?

@penguinpablo ?


just be patient steem wil move up soon

It is part of the mechanism that limits SBD to 10% of Steem total market cap. In fact the median value should not be used to calculate estimated post payouts, but until this mechanism kicked in there wasn't a difference.

I had noticed it but I thought it was an update problem related to steemnow.com

Now i start to wonder :S

$0.40 is the payout ratio of SBD
For example, you get 5 STEEM, SBD=5*0.4/100=0.02

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