Useful website for Steemit beginners:

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When you dive into Steemit world and explore its logic time by time, you will realize that you need some details about activities/operation on your posts/user.
For example: who did vote post? what is the value of that votes? what is curation and/or author rewards? What is account balance etc.

Current steemit interface doesn't provide all information. So, we need some 3rd party application. At that point, there is a "super hero" website:

  • Detailed account operations such as vote details, comment details, payment details
  • Your post and all details belong them.
  • Coming Author Rewards
  • Coming Curation Rewards
  • Account stats


To check your details, you should put your steemit username at the end of website.

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It is very good and it is much improved. I always use it


looooooooove steemworld. Such a lifesaver

Thanks for this usefull post


You're welcome @jmjolivet . Keep in following.

Thanx for sharing valuable information


You're welcome. Keep in following

Thank you for sharing


you're welcome.

Oh nice overview. Different to steemnow, steemdb and steemd. Thanks for sharing ;)


you're welcome. keep in following ;)

Hi @mahsumakbas,

I think that Steemworld is a very good application and I use it everyday.
I think it has helped me grow my account also.
I just did an article on it a few days ago also! LOL 🤣
This is the second post of yours that I have read, so now I will follow you.
I have upvoted this post and I will resteem it also.



@shortsegments Thank you for your interest ;) I just checked your account, too and following. i'd like to suggest you that you can use any other Exchange to transfer steem to your account instead of Blocktrades. because, its fee is higher than other exchanges.

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great info man :)

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