PAYERA change token price!

in #steemit3 years ago

The PAYERA team announced the changes. They in the first os can come down changes in the price of the token. This is greatly affected by the current market situation, which shows very high volatility.
Those who have already invested will be recounted, so do not worry. In this regard, increasing the duration of PRE-ICO, until June 20th.

PRELIMINARY PRICE: 0.01 USD (it was 0.035 USD)
ICO PRICE: $ 0.02 USD (it was 0.05 USD)
Softcap: $ 5,000,000 (it was $ 8,000,000 USD)

Hardcap: $ 21,000,000 USD (there were 60,000,000 USD)


Undoubtedly this is an excellent solution that will become positive on this volatile negative market. No other changes were announced.


Pre-sale is already underway, so if you believe in the project and the team should not postpone the purchase of tokens for later,


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