A little about the ratings. PAYERA ICO. At the time of writing the article on June 24, 2018.

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After all, it is known that when a person does not know something, he turns to a specialist. These experts on IKO can be considered sites of aggregators that collect and conduct an ICO assessment on different parameters. Today we will look at some of the results of such sites.

The first one I got was www.trackico.io where the PAYERA rating was 4.4 / 5. What a very good result. (https://www.trackico.io/ico/payera/)

The next resource was icoranker.com - the rating was 90/100 (https://icoranker.com/ico/payera)

At icomarks.com PAYERA scored 9.3 / 10 (https://icomarks.com/ico/payera). The result is Great!

On the popular icobench.com, the rating was only 3.1 / 5. This is most likely due to the fact that a thorough analysis has not been carried out, and not one of the experts has not considered this project yet. I'm sure it's still in front. (https://icobench.com/ico/payera)

At icostock24.com, too, received a not high result of 3.3 / 5 (https://icostock24.com/projects/payera/)

At icobazaar.com the score is not set, will be exhibited later, rather because the analysis has not been carried out yet. (https://icobazaar.com/v2/payera)

These sites have collected many projects, but for us ordinary people who would like to invest money they are like beacons in the sea, indicating the right path, but as you know, the captain decides to move further. So we, ourselves, must make decisions about investing in ICO projects.

The idea and the project team PAYERA I really like.

Link to the website - https://payera.io
Group in Telegram - https://t.me/payera
Official Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/payera.io/
Official Twitter - https://twitter.com/PAYERAio
Whitepaper - https://payera.io/WHITEPAPER.pdf