DO NOT use your steemit password

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Recently, I was noticed there were many scammers trying to make a fishing attack through fake links or proof a famous person ( for example @dang007) on steemit. You can read @neoxian's post here. Therefore, you should understand steemit keys to use them in a right manner. DO NOT USE YOUR STEEMIT PASSWORD! That is my advice to all newbie coming to steemit to keep your funds safely.

Why and how can I access my account?

It takes a while to explain your steemit keys which you can find under Wallet --> Permission tab


Now take a look

At there you will see 4 keys including POSTING KEY, ACTIVE KEY, OWNER KEY and MEMO KEY. The purpose of each key has been described below

The posting key is used for posting and voting. It should be different from the active and owner keys.

The active key is used to make transfers and place orders in the internal market.

The owner key is the master key for the account and is required to change the other keys.
The private key or password for the owner key should be kept offline as much as possible.


The memo key is used to create and read memos.

See permission key comparison from a post of @steemitguide

Steemit Keys.png

For posting and transferring your funds, you only care POSTING KEY and ACTIVE KEY at this time.

How can you keep safely your keys?

You should use a password manager to manage your keys. Personally, I would like to recommend you to use LastPass. It is a powerful password manager as far as I know.

Please remember to enable 2FA for LastPass and backup your password vaults regularly.

Your username and PRIVATE POSTING KEY should be saved in LastPass in the username and password fields respectively.


The PRIVATE ACTIVE KEY should be divided into 2 parts: first part is about 45~47 first characters and numbers and the second part is the rest one about 6 to 4 characters of PRIVATE ACTIVE KEY. You should remember the second part of PRIVATE ACTIVE KEY or write to somewhere for picking it up easily whenever you wanna do fund transfers. Why you need to do this? Because if your LastPass account got hacked ( even it is very difficult), your funds on steemit are still safe because hackers need the second part of PRIVATE ACTIVE KEY to steal your money.

When will you use your steemit password?

Your password shall be used to recover your account and change the other keys in case you got hacked within 30 days or be revealed your active keys. After 30 days your hacked account will be lost forever!

In conclusion: combine Laspass and steemit keys in the right way.

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Thank you for warning. This is really well written post.

I want to share a review about this post if you let me. I'm writing curation posts every friday night and I want to add this post to my list this week. If you want me to share this post, please reply this message until Friday night.


Thank you for visiting my blog and drop the comment. I am happy if you can share this post to everyone.

A là Huan Nguyen ah? H e mới biết :))


Cũng không muộn đúng không :))


Hơi muộn. lol. Mấy lần thấy a cmt trong group e cứ nghĩ là newbie thì k tl thế này dc. Mà k phải newbie thì là ai trên steemit mà e lại k biết. lol


Oh a thấy việc em làm cho newbie và cộng đồng steemit vn là rất tốt. A cũng mong là cộng đồng vn trên steemit càng mạnh lên. Chúc e thành công!

Keep password safe = keep money safe? :))))


Thank you, verry good!

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