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RE: Stop Frustrating Your Followers, Stop Resteeming, BUT Keep Helping Your Friends while Creating STEEM.

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Solid post. Resteeming helps curators make a little money if they upvoted and that post does well, as it helps posts start trending. Resteems have helped me a lot. When I get a few resteems on a post it is the difference of making ten cents or $40.00. But I hear you. Sometimes my feed is filled with resteems that i have no interest in. I find myself making bookmarks for users I like rather than checking my feed sometimes. We need smart lists here so we can organize our favorites and engage with them more often. Until then, bookmarking a lot of peeps by category.
Rock on!


Yes! This idea of Resteeming what you've upvoted is definitely part of the curation betting game that @sethlinson should include when he does his animation short.

I'm thinking of starting by going back over people who chat with me in the last few weeks. People who show up and chat are priceless. Just keeping up with them will become complex! It's what I use to do when I was building my first blog back in ... the dark ages.

I'm all for some filters and bookmark strategies.

Yup, back in the dark ages. I feel you. Plus I still have 10,000 on my facebook pages I have not invited yet. This is like starting all over again lol. I wish you much success!!

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