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I left Steemit for a couple months due to health problems. I come back and everything has changed. Instead of making $50 a week or more, I'm making fifty cents. Haha
What happened? HF19 seemed pretty good or so I thought. Has there been another Hard fork?

Is the reward pool empty or something?

Anyway, here's a meme. :))


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Pretty sure it's because I joined steemit that it tanked. This also explains why the price of gold and silver have been suppressed for years, started to drop immediately after I got in. Want to see bitcoin tank into non existence? I'll be buying some of that shortly as well!

I think that too many bots are draining the reward pool. I have no evidence, its just my gut feeling.

Welcome back and I hope you are well now!


Thank you. I'm hanging in there. Just remembered all the big shots cashing out over $1 million SBD just before HF19. I can see why. Lol...and you are probably right about the bots.

you cant expect people to continually get 25 usd worth of steem for posting a 3 legged cat, there was a first mover windfall.. and we must take a step back & realize that in 3 years this will be a at least a billion usd company with over 200k daily active users. this means ,even if there is less hype around a basic post. good content will still get what its worth due to the amount of traffic increase coming behind us ;)


Is there good content here? :D
But seriously. I agree with what you're saying, I just don't feel inspired to put in the hard work anymore for a few pennies. I do much better elsewhere and don't have to convert steem if I need the money. Anyway I was just curious why no ones making big bucks anymore. Or some bucks for that matter. Haha